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Brandi Rhodes has a new tag team partner

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Brandi Rhodes is taking that to heart. There are a couple of ways that saying could be interpreted in regard to Brandi’s AEW career, but let’s focus on the women’s tag team scene.

Brandi appeared to have found a solid partner and possible friend in Allie. They rode the wave as a duo to the finals of The Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament. Unfortunately for Brandi, she came up short from winning the gold medals against Ivelisse and Diamante. Allie eventually popped back up again as The Bunny and admitted to infiltrating the Nightmare Family.

Brandi is getting back on the tag team horse with Red Velvet. They will team together for the first time this coming Tuesday night on Dark.

Brandi first took a shine to Red Velvet during a singles match against one another when she thought Red Velvet resembled the Lil Bran Bran action figure. A few weeks later, Brandi made the save when Anna Jay attacked Red Velvet. The favor was returned the following week. That led to Brandi scouting Red Velvet and dubbing her Lil Cupcake, after red velvet cupcakes.

If Brandi and Red Velvet find success, there are a few directions they could go to extend the lifespan of their partnership without AEW having a true women’s tag team division. Brandi’s primary enemy at the moment is Anna Jay. A team with Jay and Dark Order recruit Tay Conti would make sense. Jay joining forces with Allie could also fit the bill. Allie could find a new partner to prove she was the driving force of the Nightmare Sisters. Brandi and Red Velvet could also go to the top and prove themselves against Ivelisse and Diamante. There are interesting angles to had here. And if Red Velvet acquits herself well, then perhaps she can join the ranks of the recently expanded Nightmare Family.

Dark has 15 matches on the schedule this week.

The name that stands out most to me is Lei’D Tapa. She had a few stints in TNA. Tapa has a unique look and could work as an enforcer. If Allie needs muscle to wrestle Brandi Rhodes and Red Velvet, Tapa would be an interesting fit. Her opponent on Dark is KiLynn King. It is no guarantee that Tapa wins. King has been putting in her dues and could finally pick up a victory.

Aaron Solow & Angel Fashion vs Max Caster & Anthony Bowens is a curious matchup. Out of the four, I’d pick Solow as the one most likely to be signed. However, this is a tag match, so I have no clue which pair is supposed to shine.

Do you like Brandi’s selection of Red Velvet as a new tag team partner? What story would you like to see AEW flesh out for Brandi and Lil Cupcake? Which matches on Dark are you looking forward to?