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Rumor Look Back: Apr. 25 - 30, 2020


Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see which played out as originally stated. But first let’s knock some outstanding rumors out.

April 8, 2017

  • Lucha Underground is likely going away soon, or at the very least morphing into something other than what it’s been.
  • They ended up having another full season, which aired in 2018, before they closed up shop. (0/1)

May 11, 2017

  • WWE officials are extremely high on Aleister Black, and his stay in NXT may not be a long one.
  • He was called up almost two years later in early 2019. That’s a fairly long stay. He’s floundered on the main roster. (0/1)

June 9, 2017

  • Brock Lesnar is scheduled to wrestle Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor in title matches leading up to the planned Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania 34.
  • He fought Joe and Strowman but did not fight Bálor or Rollins prior to WrestleMania 34. He did fight both guys eventually. (2/4)

June 12, 2017

  • There have been some rumors floating about Undertaker not being retired due to a reference on Raw by Michael Cole, but there are no plans for him to return to wrestle again.
  • Oh he’d wrestle multiple times after this. (0/1)

OK, now onto this week’s rumors.

April 25, 2020

  • There are no plans for WrestleMania 37 to be a two-night event as of right now, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • I guess we’ll have to see where it’s held.
  • The Observer says there is a belief that Florida allowing WWE to continue running as an essential business was at least in part to ensure WrestleMania would be in Tampa in 2022.
  • I also think the McMahon family’s ties to the President may have helped.
  • There were rumors that WWE was going to use Sarah Logan on Raw and those persist. She could be back in some form over the weeks/months ahead.
  • She won’t be as she’s currently with child. (0/1)
  • PW Insider notes that while Drake Maverick is still being used, and there’s been talk of using Logan, there are no plans to rescind any releases and they will still be gone after 90 days.
  • Drake Maverick got a contract again. The rest were gone for good. (0/1)
  • Konnan apparently has some interest in bringing in Primo, Epico, and Lio Rush to AAA once that is possible.
  • I guess we’ll have to see when those things are more feasible.

April 27, 2020

  • Per the Observer, there’s been talk of multiple wrestlers being revealed as the anonymous truth teller on SmackDown. Both Ali and Chad Gable are two of the names in particular that have been discussed.
  • Only one was revealed, and that was after the gimmick was dropped. (0/1)
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Io Shirai isn’t currently scheduled for Money in the Bank, says the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Charlotte has been gone since losing the title at TakeOver: In Your House. (1/1)
  • They also say the injury angle for Elias is to keep his program with Baron Corbin going.
  • They feuded for a bit longer, but it wasn’t too long later that Elias suffered another injury. (1/1)
  • While there has been talk of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows going to New Japan or AEW there’s no movement on either front just yet.
  • They’re in Impact now.
  • Tokyo Sports is saying any talk of an NXT Japan promotion has gone away after WWE decided to do cutbacks.
  • Triple H’s global domination had to be put on hold.

April 28, 2020

  • While Triple H is “certainly the favorite” to one day replace Vince McMahon as the head of WWE creative, Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that “it is not a lock” he’ll get the job.
  • It’ll be a long time until we fine out.
  • Meltzer also reports that Gerald Brisco was released in WWE’s April 15 cuts. UPDATE: Meltzer clarified on WOR that Brisco was furloughed.
  • He’s still not with them. Apparently furloughed individuals will be back towards the end of the year.
  • WWE brass are high on Cal Bloom, the second generation prospect Sheamus squashed on the April 10 SmackDown. Paul Davis of wrote that “Vince thinks he can be a big deal” with more experience.
  • Time will tell.
  • Per PW Insider, AEW’s current plan is to air Dynamite live every other week starting on May 6
  • They did that for awhile. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it that way now that fans are in the crowd. (1/1)
  • Insider also says WWE is opposing Cody Rhodes trademark claims for “The Match Beyond” and “Slamboree”.
  • Those old WCW properties are hot commodities.

April 29, 2020

  • Per WrestleVotes, unlike in the not too distant past, WWE is now willing to release wrestlers who ask for it.
  • I don’t think many were asking for it after the pandemic hit given that limited their options.
  • The word going around is the pandemic is the reason we haven’t seen multiple top stars working shows, and why Raw is particularly light.
  • That makes sense.
  • There’s speculation that Apollo Crews may be dealing with an actual injury, and that’s why he was written out of Money in the Bank.
  • He was out for a little bit of time.
  • The Observer notes that AAA had thoughts of trying to work with WWE to allow Cain Velasquez to wrestle in the promotion. With his release, there’s an expectation that he could go back.
  • Another one we’ll wait and see about.
  • According to Wrestling Inc, Frank Riddick, who was named interim CFO at WWE after George Barrios and Michelle Wilson left the company, was offered his position weeks before Barrios and Wilson officially left.
  • That was a pretty big shakeup.

April 30, 2020

  • There’s speculation, notably from Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue, that WWE will revert to their pre-Goldberg, pre-pandemic plan at Money in the Bank and have Bray Wyatt beat Braun Strowman for the Universal title so he can eventually drop it to Roman Reigns.
  • Strowman held it until SummerSlam. (0/1)
  • Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp said he confirmed with Andrade that Vince McMahon told the Mexican Superstar to learn English if he wanted to move up the card.
  • Andrade push stories often pop up in here.
  • While discussing Cain Velasquez’s WWE release, Sapp also reported “there are other names that have been cut that WWE didn’t publicly announce.”
  • Is this referring to non-talent? NXT talent?
  • According to PW Insider, Impact’s TNA special “did way, way, way better than anybody ever hoped” and that’s why they’re incorporating more TNA “stuff” into their current product. We should also expect to see more TNA on Impact going forward.
  • The “TNA title” is one of their titles (independent of their other world title). (1/1)
  • Everything old is new again... Luchablog says Alberto El Patron no-showed a scheduled interview with +LuchaTV on Tuesday night.
  • Shocked.

This week: 4/8 - 50%

April 2020: 23/37 - 62%

Overall: 3,527/6,275 - 56.2%

Have a good week, everyone. Stay safe out there.

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