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EC3 is coming to ROH

After an exit from WWE, EC3 has been controlling his narrative in Impact. He has previously stated his desire to confuse the system by appearing in multiple companies. That time has come. EC3 will be stopping by ROH in the near future.

A vignette played to announce EC3’s coming presence at the end of the latest ROH Wrestling episode. It was presented without commentary from announcers.

The message is important to understand EC3, but I wouldn’t take too much from the visual with followers on the train tracks. That was taken from his short film fighting in EC3 Underground.

EC3 teased dipping his toe in the ROH waters with a promo back in June about there being no honor in what wrestlers do.

As for when EC3 could make an appearance in person, there are four more episodes from the ROH Pure Championship tournament TV taping yet to air. If not in that time frame, then who knows when. A new TV taping has not yet been publicly announced by ROH.

There are several interesting matchups for EC3 in ROH. The one name that stands above the rest, for good or for bad, is Marty Scurll. He has a charisma level on par with EC3. In spite of his allegedly checkered past, Scurll is still with the company. He is going to be brought back eventually as a moneymaker, so it might as well be against a big draw in EC3.

In the meantime, you can watch EC3 control his narrative by having a funeral to burn the TNA Heavyweight Championship tonight on Impact Wrestling (8 pm ET on AXS and Twitch). That ceremony is likely to lead toward a match against Moose at the Bound for Glory PPV on October 24.

Are you excited for EC3 in ROH? Who would you like to see be his first feud? Which other promotions would you like to see EC3 visit on the “Control Your Narrative” tour?

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