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BTE has its own title now

How will it be different from other wrestling belts? Here’s how.

If you watch Dynamite, you know The Young Bucks have been out of sorts lately. So on their YouTube show Being The Elite, Matt & Nick Jackson’s friend Brandon Cutler decided to cheer them up with a present... the new BTE title!

Just look at this baby...

BTE’s YouTube channel

If you’re like Matt, you’re probably thinking there are already too many wrestling titles in the world (told you he was cranky). So what makes the BTE belt special? This strap will be defended in more than just wrestling matches. The championship can be on the line in any type of competition. Brandon left the belt with the boys to figure out how the first champ will be crowned.

Sound like fun? See the BTE title’s debut, along with other fun stuff - and the latest on the drama between the Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page that’s been making everyone in The Elite feel out of sorts - in episode 244, right here.

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