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Ring of Honor signs Danhausen, but there is a catch

It is only fitting that this next piece of news is delivered on Halloween. Danhausen announced that he has finally been hired by Ring of Honor.

Danhausen’s contract came with a small disclaimer. He has to win a ROH match in 2020 to make it official.

Ring of Honor has offered Danhausen a contract and will hire Danhausen under the stipulation that Danhausen must win a Ring of Honor match before 2020 is finished. Danhausen must have subconsciously skipped over that fine print in the email text message from Dave Honor because it is very bogus, very evil. Anyways consider Danhausen hired because Danhausen always wins. You’ll rue the day you fine printed Danhausen’s contract.

Sincerely, Danhausen.

PS Up yours, Dave Honor

Danhausen has had a few matches with ROH in the past, but it wasn’t until May when was really in the mix. Marty Scurll made a storyline arrangement to offer Danhausen’s shirt for sale in the ROH shop. Danhausen became the top seller of the week. Scurll didn’t like losing to Danhausen at anything, so he avoided Danhausen’s calls. That led to Danhausen trying to use Brody King as an intermediary, which did not work. The story sort of petered out after that during the pandemic, but Danhausen often found his way breaking onto ROH’s weekly news show, ROH Week by Week.

ROH recently held another TV taping, so it is probable that Danhausen worked a match to get his chance at securing the contract.

This is a good signing for both sides. Danhausen’s oddball personality should get a chance to shine in front of a wider audience, while ROH adds a unique character that can bring in views and merchandise sales from his devoted fans.

Do you like the pairing of Danhausen with ROH? Who do you want to see feud with Danhausen?

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