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Pat McAfee adds a returning Pete Dunne to his posse

After last week’s big reveal, Pat McAfee promised to be at NXT tonight. And the former punter didn’t disappoint.

With the new tag champs of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch at his side, he cut a promo explaining his actions. It was pretty much the same promo he cut on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. The dude is a damn good promo. A real natural.

Kyle O’Reilly heard enough of Pat Mac’s BS and marched down to the ring. It looked like he was willing to take them all on 3 on 1, but suddenly, he had some help.

The returning Pete Dunne, who we haven’t seen since prior to the pandemic when he was Matt Riddle’s tag team partner, walked out to the ring with two chairs in his hand. He handed one to Kyle on the apron and then they entered the ring, chasing off Pat and the tag champs.

But it was all a ruse.

Pete Dunne nailed Kyle O’Reilly with the chair. Pat, Oney, and Danny then returned to the ring to beat the hell out of KOR. This included an arm stomp from Dunne and a tandem DDT from the tag champs onto a chair that McAfee kindly set up.

This is starting to mess with my “Kyle was behind this the entire time” theory because he’d be really taking a beating to sell the ruse. I’m now curious to see if Pat has more guys to reveal.

What do you think of Pete Dunne’s addition to Team Pat?

You can find the results to tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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