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AAA announces Kenny Omega and a Marvel partnership for Triplemania

Kenny Omega is coming back to Mexico to defend the AAA Mega Championship.

In a AAA press conference regarding Triplemania plans, Omega’s opponent was announced, a hair versus hair match was confirmed, and a partnership with Marvel was revealed that will debut new luchadores inspired by comic book characters.

Triplemania 28 was originally scheduled for August 22, but the coronavirus pandemic went full rudo and caused AAA’s biggest event of the year to be postponed. Dorian Roldan broke the news that AAA plans to go forth with Triplemania in December. No official date has been set yet. It all depends on when fans will be allowed to attend at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City. Three bouts were made official at the press conference.

The match that will get the most attention from worldwide fans is Kenny Omega returning to Mexico to defend the Megacampeonato. His opponent will be Laredo Kid.

That should be a banger. If you don’t know, Laredo Kid can go in the ring. Omega is the bigger star, but don’t count out a title change. If AAA wants to play it safe with their top title not being stranded out of the country, then Laredo Kid could get the nod. He has been a name on the rise for the past few years. Laredo Kid is the current Cruiserweight champ, former Trios champ, and also won the 2018 Lucha Capital tournament.

The match that will get more attention in Mexico is Pagano against Chessman. The stakes are high with hair versus hair. Expect it to be hardcore and violent.

This fight could be a hit or a miss. One thing is certain though. It is bound to be a crazy spectacle. Neither Pagano nor Chessman are strangers to wrestling stunts. Chessman stated that he could see the feud escalating from hair vs hair to face paint vs face paint then culminating with career vs career.

The third bout will involve a unique partnership with Marvel. AAA is going to introduce four new luchadores inspired by Marvel characters. The idea is to go heavy into merchandising for these masked men. The match will be a tag contest with Aracno & Leyenda Americana against Venenoide & Terror Púpura. Those luchadores are inspired by the characters Spider-Man, Captain America, Venom, and Thanos.

This Marvel tie-in won’t be a one-off deal. AAA intends to use those new luchadores in their regular rotation. Judging by the bodies in that hype clip, it shouldn’t be random jabrones off the street. Leyenda Americana and Terror Púpura have some size and definition that makes them stand out compared to the average luchador.

The Triplemania 28 card will have seven bouts. Roldan expressed that AAA is focused on quality over quantity for this show. The official lineup so far is:

  • Megacampeonato: Kenny Omega (c) vs Laredo Kid
  • Hair vs Hair: Pagano vs Chessman
  • Aracno & Leyenda Americana vs Venenoide & Terror Púpura

In the Q&A portion, Roldan was asked about Cinta de Oro (fka Sin Cara #2), Rush, and LA Park. Roldan is open to an appearance from Cinta de Oro. In my opinion, Roldan’s answer sounded more like never say never rather than a genuine tease for a surprise. The other big elephant is finally booking a lucha de apuestas between Rush and LA Park. Roldan said he would love to have it to make Triplemania the best possible show. I wouldn’t bet money on it going down. Those two are going to want big paydays for hair vs mask, and it would be tough for AAA to pony up the cash without a full crowd in attendance.

Don’t fault Rush and LA Park for lack of trying. They have been cutting promos on each other through social media in an effort to keep the iron hot. Rush is going to break LA Park and take his mask next time he sees him. LA Park is ready, but he wants Rush solo without his father or brothers to protect him.

Does the Triplemania 28 card pique your interest so far? Do you like the approach for the Marvel partnership? Which other matches would you like to see fill out the lineup?

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