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Let’s name Ember Moon’s new submission finish

Ember Moon had her first singles match after returning from the year long recovery from her Achilles tear tonight.

She faced Jessi Kamea, who isn’t used on television outside this roll. And while the outcome was in little doubt, Kamea had herself a strong showing against a former NXT Women’s champion. It wasn’t a squash, which allowed Jessi to look good before Ember picked up the inevitable win. After the match, Moon was attacked by Dakota Kai, setting up her first return feud.

Moon did not win tonight’s match with her patented Eclipse finisher. Instead she used a submission to pick up the W. This will allow her to hit the Eclipse less, something I’m sure her tailbone will thank her for.

I’m not really a moves savant, but I’d call this maybe a modified STF? But what it needs is a name. So let’s throw a few out there, likely sticking with the classic “moon” theme.

You could go with something simple like New Moon (which almost seems too on the nose), or just lunar related like The High Tide. Or maybe something Werewolf themed like The Silver Bullet (though that really would be defeating the werewolf).

Honestly, I’m pretty bad at this. You’re probably better. So do it in the comments.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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