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Chris Jericho and MJF’s steak dinner was completely ridiculous, of course

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Last week, MJF kinda sorted asked Chris Jericho if he could join the Inner Circle. Jericho responded to MJF’s request by telling him that they would meet one-on-one...for steak dinner on this week’s (Oct. 21) episode of Dynamite.

They did indeed meet for Le Dinner Debonair, and it was completely ridiculous, of course. MJF ordered his steak well done, which didn’t match up with Jericho’s preference. This led to both men going rarer and rarer with their order, until a dance and song routine broke out:

The main storyline takeaway here is that the Inner Circle will have a town hall next week to determine whether or not MJF is added to the group. The Full Gear pay-per-view is only a couple weeks away, on Nov. 7, so there will probably be a major angle here to set something up for Jericho and/or MJF on that card.

What did you think of Le Dinner Debonair?

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