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EC3 wants to purify himself by pain in ROH with help from the Briscoes

EC3 coming to Ring of Honor has been teased the past few weeks. In episode 474 of ROH Wrestling, EC3 took to the ring for a promo and addressed why he is in ROH. The result was an unexpected challenger and alliance.

EC3 wants to purify himself by pain on the altar of honor.

Is honor real?

Because, there is no honor in what we do. We’ve allowed ourselves to be controlled our entire lives. Corporations, politicians, media, our thoughts, our beliefs, even our love have had authority over us. Everyday they take from us our freedoms, and everyday we lose focus on our greater purpose.

Is there honor in fighting back? Is there honor in fighting back those that control you, demean you, degrade you, try to cancel you? Is there honor in fighting back for your freedom to act, freedom to think, freedom to speak, and freedom to feel? Is there honor in finding purpose?

Is there honor in the past? I stand in hallowed halls built by hallowed names. Black hats, and punks with styles clashes, submission machines, and dragons with national identity. They were great men, and they built a great house. But, men are fallible. Men conform.

Is there honor in the now? Briscoes, Lethal, Dragon Lee. Rush. These names synonymous with the best wrestling on the planet. Is that a fact or is that self-praise?

I’m not here to wrestle. I am here to fight. I am here to seek out the greatest competition this planet knows, and I want to fight them. I want to punch, kick, scratch, claw. I want to bring total freaking war von Clausewitz-style to anybody and everybody.

Without pain, without sacrifice, you have nothing. I am willing to purify myself by pain. I am willing to sacrifice myself on this altar of honor, Ring of Honor.

Honor. I will put that name to the test. You have been warned.

That same video also shows a backstage encounter between EC3 and Shane Taylor’s crew. Taylor stepped up to EC3. The Briscoes stepped in to take exception at Taylor calling ROH his house. The Briscoes then proposed a trios match with EC3 on their side. EC3 stood and glared with a nod at the end to the Briscoes.

EC3’s promo expresses intriguing philosophy and fits the message of his new persona. The idea of controlling his narrative is similar to his story in Impact, but it takes a turn into fresh territory by stating that he wants to fight. EC3 hasn’t even had a match yet during his Impact return. Honestly, his Impact story is floundering a bit at the lack of progress. With ROH, he could be in the ring quickly, possibly as soon as the Pure Championship tournament finale episode in two weeks. That makes all the difference.

Shane Taylor is no joke. He is a big man that brings a wallop. I popped at the idea of Taylor being EC3’s first test to purify himself by pain (in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?). That paints the picture of a badass gladiator. EC3 may be teaming with the Briscoes initially, but I could see him fighting them as well. EC3 name-dropped the Briscoes as top competition, so it would make sense to test his skills against their rugged fighting style.

Did EC3’s promo get you excited for his ROH future? What do you hope to see from his run?

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