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A Block wraps up with a BIG angle and a familiar G1 Climax finalist

The scheduling of New Japan’s G1 Climax 30 was thrown off because of the pandemic, but the company didn’t hold back when it came to booking their signature tournament as a result. The final day of A Block action in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Sumo Hall on Fri., Oct. 16 was certainly testament to that.

Winning A Block would have been a surprise for Will Ospreay or Kazuchika Okada. Both men needed to come out on top of their match-up today (okay, in Okada’s case, he could have advanced with a draw, too) and have other results break their way. But advancing to Sunday’s finals probably would have been less of a shock than what happened.

Ospreay was participating in second G1 this year as part of his official move to heavyweight. This match against his legendary CHAOS stablemate turned out to be a huge part of that story, and very well may have set up a date between the two at Wrestle Kingdom in January.

The Brit won the match, but it was how and what happened afterward that are the story. Ospreay was assisted by both a distraction from his long-time girlfriend Bea Priestley and a surprise attack by The Great O-Kharn (Tomoyuki Oka, whose been on excursion to the United Kingdom and working in Rev Pro since 2018).

The attack continued after the bell, with Ospreay nailing the Rainmaker with Hidden Blade and accusing him of holding him down. In the post-show interview, the Aerial Assassin said he’ll be starting his own group.

He won’t start that group with the G1 briefcase, however. Because thanks to his own win over Taichi (in a match that consisted almost entirely of kicks!)...

... and Tomohiro Ishii’s win over Switchblade Jay White in the main event of the night, Kota Ibushi advanced to the final for the third year in a row.

The Golden Star awaits the winner of B Block. Heading into the final day of action on Saturday, EVIL, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA & Zack Sabre Jr. are all in the running. There are a number of possible scenarios - including a three-way tie - not most observers think the SANADA/EVIL winner will face Ibushi on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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