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Miro’s video game is broken, and he’s not happy about it

Dynamite is celebrating its one year anniversary on tonight’s (Oct. 14) episode, and things kicked off with FTR defending tag team gold against the Best Friends.

At one point late in the match, the action spilled outside the ring, with Trent and Cash Wheeler brawling all the way to the area where Kip Sabian was playing video games. Trent accidentally dove head first into Kip’s arcade cabinet, leaving it a wreck.

FTR could have taken the count out victory at that point, but they wanted to finish things off with the Goodnight Express inside the ring. It almost backfired after Chuck Taylor saved Trent from the move. Regardless, Tully Blanchard stuck his nose into things once again, and FTR used an illegal strike with the championship gold to score the pin.

Afterwards, an enraged Miro stormed the ring and attacked the Best Friends, because Trent was responsible for damaging the arcade cabinet. Don’t break Miro’s shit!

Video games are serious business, folks.

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