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Jon Moxley takes out Lance Archer and then goes to sleep

The main event of Dynamite’s anniversary episode tonight (Oct. 14) was a No Disqualification match between Jon Moxley and Lance Archer for the AEW world championship. The stipulation was added after Moxley was ambushed backstage by Archer early in the episode. Eddie Kingston and the Lucha Bros decided to join the commentary table to get a closer look at the action.

Moxley wasn’t screwing around, as he immediately nailed Archer with the Paradigm Shift and tried to steal an early win. Archer kicked out, because a No Disqualification match can’t just end like that.

No, a match with this stipulation needs to have double tables set up outside the ring so that the babyface champion can hit his finisher with a more appropriate landing.

Moxley hit one more Paradigm Shift back inside the ring, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Archer down. Archer came back and caught Moxley in his Black Out finisher. When he went for the pin, though, Moxley flipped him over and secured the win with a sneaky crucifix pin.

Afterwards, Kingston and the Lucha Bros hit the ring and cleared Archer from the area. Kingston talked Moxley up big time as the man who has carried AEW for the last year. He then raised the champ’s hand. But of course none of it was genuine, and the heels left Moxley laying. Kingston put Moxley out with a bodyscissors sleeper as the show went off the air.

Jon Moxley needs an opponent for Full Gear on Nov. 7, and this angle could perhaps be leading to an “I Quit” match between him and Kingston.

What did you think about the main event of Dynamite’s anniversary episode?

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