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CM Punk taught Raven a lesson on MLW Underground

MLW has been opening the vault of their first run from 2003/2004. Episode 14 of MLW Underground featured a clash between CM Punk and Raven. Their encounter is on the short side, but the rarely seen footage is a fun blast from the past nonetheless.

For context of the feud with past promos, Punk first showed up in MLW on episode 7 (18:27). Joey Styles introduced him as an asshole. Punk explained his straightedge gimmick in his debut promo for MLW audiences. He is the guy that tells it like it is, and that scares everybody. Punk is free of drugs and alcohol. He is committed against our poisonous society. That’s why Punk is better than us.

In episode 10 (4:45), Styles recapped the first match between Punk and Raven in MLW, which was not aired. Punk was within seconds of defeating Raven, but he failed in the end. Punk was confident he could get the job done in a rematch. Raven cut a promo about appreciating Punk. Punk might be an idiot, but at least he stands up for his convictions. Raven will enjoy giving Punk a Raven Effect DDT. Raven was even kind enough to offer a little advice. There is no defense for the Raven Effect, but the best Punk can do is get his hands in front of his face to prevent a broken nose.

In episode 12 (16:39), Styles explained that Raven has not displayed his usual self-loathing. Instead, Raven has been having a good time. Backstage, Punk confronted Raven. They will see who is the better man. Raven was undeterred by Punk’s bravado and felt confident in dishing out another Raven Effect DDT.

In episode 13 (27:30), Punk ran into Simply Luscious. He downplayed Raven’s abilities and threatened to teach Raven a lesson. Punk’s talk had a vibe of trying to pick up that lady, or at least recruit her to his side. Styles explained that there were rumors of Punk or Raven wronging Simply Luscious in the past. He viewed Punk’s chat as a form of mind games.

That brings us up to date for episode 14 (31:25), where the big fight went down. Simply Luscious was ringside to observe, but she played no role in the outcome.

Punk grabbed a mic to introduce his gimmick to the crowd. He will prove why he is better than that degenerate, Raven. It’s not 4:20 time. It’s clobbering time.

Punk started with the strategy of running away to frustrate his opponent. Raven hit the first big move with a drop toehold onto an open chair. Punk turned the tide with a mule kick to the family jewels. Punk followed with a Shining Wizard knee strike. He added a chair for a second Shining Wizard.

Raven was down but not out. He reversed an Irish whip into a Raven Effect DDT.

It looked like Raven would defeat Punk once again, however, Michael Shane ran in to pull Raven out of the ring on the pin cover. In the end, Punk would teach Raven a lesson by using his own finisher on him. DDT for the 1, 2, 3. Punk was victorious.

After the match, Punk and Shane put the boots to Raven. Punk dished out bad medicine with two drop toeholds onto a chair. Punk set up for a third, but Norman Smiley rushed the ring to save the day. Smiley proposed a tag match, and Raven was on board.

That rarely seen footage is a treat for fans of the Punk/Raven feud. The match was short but sweet. The physical moments were pretty cool. It established Raven as the veteran that still has the goods, while Punk is the cheating blowhard. It did well to set up toward greater things between the two rivals.

The rest of episode 14 of MLW Underground featured appearances from friendly faces, such as Sandman, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Sabu, Bill Alfonso, Steve Corino, Homicide, Francine, and others. If you are yearning for more Punk vs Raven, check out their dog collar match and their Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match, both taking place in ROH.

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