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Jon Moxley did what now?

Don’t worry, Jon Moxley was just kidding.

Just kidding? This was Moxley’s explanation after he pulled off a nearly 10 minute con on Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. The main event of tonight’s (Jan. 8) Dynamite was reserved for Moxley answering Jericho’s invite to Le Champion’s faction.

To the surprise of pretty much anyone with a pulse, Moxley accepted Jericho’s offer.


The ruse went on so long that it almost began to make sense. Sure Moxley is a lone wolf, but in order to get the most power in AEW, he would eventually have to align himself with a faction. Moxley really sold the ordeal as best he could.

The moment was shocking to the point of bordering on uncomfortable. What the hell is AEW doing? Would the promotion essentially neuter Moxley for the sake of him joining a team?

Then Moxley explained himself. Kind of.

Much better.

Former WWE mainstays, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley seem to be on a collision course. What did you think of Moxley’s big tease tonight?

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