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ROH Wrestling, Ep. 433: Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff bring the beef against Marty Scurll & PCO

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Episode 433 of ROH Wrestling (Jan. 3) featured highlights from Final Battle and two matches from Final Battle Fallout. Dak Draper took on Shaheem Ali, Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff beefed up on PCO & Marty Scurll, and PJ Black is trying to be a mentor.

Quick results:

Highlights of PCO winning the World Championship from Rush at Final Battle. PCO hit a moonsault through a table for victory. At Final Battle Fallout, PCO and Villain Enterprises addressed the fans. Marty Scurll put PCO over for reaching his destiny. PCO thanked the fans. Rush popped up on the big screen to announce the new Ingobernables faction with Kenny King and Dragon Lee.

PJ Black talked to Josh Woods about being a mentor. Silas Young said Black couldn’t do it as well as he does. Young challenged Black to mentor Brian Johnson and eventually have a match of student vs student. Black accepted but was worried about convincing Johnson to take his help.

Highlights of Dragon Lee winning the World Television Championship from Shane Taylor at Final Battle. Lee got the pin after a brainbuster and a running knee.

Dak Draper vs Shaheem Ali. Full match from Final Battle Fallout. Highlights were an overhead suplex by Ali and a gutwrench sitdown powerbomb by Ali. Draper prevailed with a surprise springboard back elbow then his Magnum KO slam finisher.

Highlight package of Matt Taven vs Vincent at Final Battle. Vincent won on Sliced Bread. Afterward, Bateman attacked Taven and joined Vincent’s side. The bad guys smashed Taven’s ankle with a chair.

PJ Black approached Brian Johnson about mentoring him. Johnson declined the offer.

Highlights of Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeating the Briscoes to become new World Tag Team Champions at Final Battle. The Briscoes had Lethal up for a Doomsday maneuver, but Gresham pushed a Briscoe off the turnbuckles. Lethal escaped then rolled up the other Briscoe to win.

Cameras caught up with the new tag champs for a backstage promo. Lethal had claimed that everyone in ROH does whatever they want and gets rewarded. The title win proved that. Lethal and Gresham did whatever they wanted and are now tag team champs. Lethal apologized to Gresham for not seeing the way. Gresham replied that they can’t stop here. They have to recreate the company in their image.

Dan Maff & Jeff Cobb vs Marty Scurll vs PCO. Full match from Final Battle Fallout. Top highlights include Cobb catching a flying Scurll then overhead suplexing him, a stepping stool senton by Maff off Cobb’s back, and PCO with a flying guillotine leg drop onto Cobb who was in Scurll’s Cambridge crab submission. The finish was wild. PCO hit a suicide dive on Cobb. Scurll wanted to fly next, but he was pounced big time by Maff. Maff went for a suicide dive and accidentally crashed into Cobb when PCO moved. PCO set up an apron cannonball but missed when Maff moved. Back in the ring, Scurll rolled up Maff to win.

Episode 433 of ROH Wrestling did a good job of covering Final Battle results. They didn’t show too much because they want you to buy the replay, but it was enough to get a feel for the winners. The main event was beefy. If you enjoy athletic bruisers, then you’ll probably enjoy this match.

If you want more of Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff, ROH posted the Final Battle pre-show on YouTube (here). Their match starts around the 43-minute mark. ROH also posted Daniel Bryan vs Jushin Liger in honor of Liger’s retirement.

ROH is kicking off the new year with two shows this weekend. Saturday Night at Center Stage will be January 11 in Atlanta, GA. The advertised card is:

  • ROH World Championship: PCO vs Rush
  • Jay & Mark Briscoe vs Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff
  • Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Brody King, & Flip Gordon) vs Bandido, Flamita, & Rey Horus
  • ROH World Television Championship: Dragon Lee vs Andrew Everett
  • Jonathan Gresham (w/Jay Lethal) vs Josh Woods (w/Silas Young)
  • Nicole Savoy & Sumie Sakai vs The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon)

Honor Reigns Supreme will be on January 12 at Concord, NC. The advertised card is:

  • ROH World Six-Man Championship: Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, & Brody King) vs La Facción Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee, & Kenny King w/Amy Rose)
  • Jay & Mark Briscoe vs Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry
  • Flip Gordon vs Flamita
  • Alex Zayne vs Bandido
  • Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs Vincent & Bateman
  • Rey Horus vs Andrew Everett

Both shows will be available for purchase through Fite TV and ROH’s HonorClub.

We’ll close with a funny video of Josh Woods trying to convince Silas Young to stop smoking.

What did you think about episode 433 of ROH Wrestling? Which match will steal ROH’s weekend shows? Do you think Rush can win back the title from PCO? Can the Ingobernables take all the gold from Villain Enterprises in the six-man title tilt?

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