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Jon Moxley’s not done in New Japan

During the first night of Wrestle Kingdom 14, Jon Moxley returned to New Japan. He beat Lance Archer in a brutal Texas Death Match encounter to become a two-time IWGP United States champion.

The Archer/Moxley winner was already booked to defend the title against former U.S. & new Heavyweight Tag champ Juice Robinson on night two. So in addition to “how will Mox make Renee Young cringe?” today, fans were wondering if the Death Rider’s return to Japan would be brief.

It might not be much longer, even though he managed to pin Juice and keep the red, white and blue belt.

That’s because, entertaining as that match was, what got fans buzzing in the Tokyo Dome and around the world was what happened next.

Murder Dad showed up.

The legendary Minoru Suzuki marched to the ring, and Moxley told him to bring it.

After taking a Gotch piledriver, he may be rethinking that strategy...

But it’s Mox, so probably not.

The man won the U.S, title, successfully defended it, got into it with one of his dream opponents. All while spending the weekend in Japan with his wife.

Not bad.

Now we’ll see if this match happens Monday at New Year’s Dash!!, or later on down the line.

Get all the results from night two of Wrestle Kingdom 14 here.

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