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Ospreay vs. Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 14 was bananas, and we’ve got the GIFs to prove it

The storyline we should pay attention to with regards to Wrestle Kingdom 14’s IWGP Junior Heavyweight title match was the amazing comeback of Hiromu Takahashi from a broken neck to reclaim the belt he never lost.

Another worthy of consideration was how one of the 2019’s best wrestlers would start 2020. Will Ospreay carried said belt into the Tokyo Dome on Sat., Jan. 4, just as he wore it throughout his first G1 Climax tournament last summer. The Aerial Assassin appears to be on the verge of becoming a heavyweight full time, and the outcome of this match could indicate he’s about to move up permanently.

We could also talk about the in-match psychology of Ospreay targeting Takahashi’s neck, Time Bomb’s amazing ability to innovate, or the amazing chemistry between the two men.

Some of the wrestling conversation probably WILL focus on what our man Manolo calls the “the pro wrestling/choreographed dance debate”.

Whatever lens you want to look at it through, here are some things you’ll probably want to look at...

And, or course, the new move Takahashi finished things off with...

Congrats, Hiromu. Can’t wait to see what’s next, Will.

Get all the results from night one of Wrestle Kingdom 14 here.

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