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NWA Powerrr: Old Muscle Neck vs Strictly Business

NWA Powerrr returned with episode 12 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. The show featured Tim Storm getting into it with Nick Aldis’ crew, Girl Powerrr, and potential feuds for Shooter Stevens and Eli Drake.

Old muscle neck

Tim Storm started off with an interview. His match against Nick Aldis in the main event is a perfect way to start the new year. It is a Christmas and New Year’s gift in one. After what Aldis did to Storm, Storm is going to kick Aldis’ ass.

Enter Aldis and Kamille. Mr. Champ chuckled at the contrast in styles. He was cool, calm, and collected, while Storm was boiling over. Aldis joined the TV tournament for fun and as a way to make a statement with two belts. Aldis goaded Storm to start a physical confrontation. Storm resisted. Aldis insulted the senior circuit in NWA as Randy the Rams that are trying to hold on too long. Aldis closed with a threat to those fellows. Change your ways or it will only get worse.

Submission exhibition match: Shooter Stevens vs Sal Rinauro

Aron Stevens was a shooter with his Mongroivan karataaaaay. Shooter won the squash match via Mongrovian clutch. Stevens kept the hold applied after the bell until Trevor Murdoch ran to the ring.

Stevens went over to the interview station. He was frustrated at Murdoch interrupting the exhibition. Murdoch was upset that Stevens stuck his nose in Murdoch’s PPV match and also that Shooter was taking advantage of young guys in the ring. Stevens said he was too smart to fall into the trap of defending the NWA National Championship. Murdoch corrected him. He doesn’t want that title tonight. He just wants to kick Shooter’s ass. No retreat, no surrender from Stevens. He wanted Murdoch to put his TV title tournament spot on the line. Murdoch was ready to shoot and find out who the real man is.

Danny Deal$$$ cut off a promo from “Suit Man” Carruthers to promote

Aron Stevens vs Trevor Murdoch

Big shoulder block by Trevor Murdoch to start. He caught a kick from Aron Stevens then hit him with a clothesline, three body slams, a Russian leg sweep, then an octopus submission. Stevens got his foot on the rope to break the hold. Stevens took control after pulling Murdoch’s neck down onto the ropes. Stevens latched on the Mongrovian clutch. Murdoch struggled to break free but finally escaped by hitting Stevens’ head on the top turnbuckle. Murdoch capitalized with an Indian Death Lock leg submission to win.

Powerrr Surge

NWA teased a new feature series, Powerrr Surge. Pope was sitting with Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Pope believed that both have the ability to be tag champs, but Kingston could be world champ. I’m not sure if I read the scene correctly, but I got a feeling that Pope is trying to poach Kingston away from Homicide.

Billy Corgan sang a twangy country tune for a Hard Times PPV hype video.

Eli Drake

Eli Drake came out to discuss how he hasn’t been booked for a match two weeks in a row. He suspects Nick Aldis is holding him down. If Aldis won’t fight Drake, then he’ll find a partner to go after the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Drake ran down names and badmouthed Ken Anderson.

Enter Colt Cabana. He was tired of hearing Drake insult his good friend Anderson. Drake delivered a reality check that Cabana will never be tag champs with Anderson as his partner. Colt countered back by rubbing it in that Drake has never been Worlds Champ while he has, twice. Anderson ran out to confront Drake, but Drake remained unfazed as Cabana held Anderson back.

A three-way tag bout was made for next week: Eli Drake & James Storm vs Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson vs Wild Cards.

Girl Powerrr

I guess Girl Powerrr is a new feature. It has its own Twitter page. Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa sat around complaining about Allysin Kay. Belle was frustrated that her old pal never thought she was good enough. Belle appreciated that Melina and Rosa do.

Flip to the other side. Allysin Kay was chatting with ODB, Ashley Vox, and Tasha Steelz. Kay admitted that she is blunt, but it comes from a good place to inspire. Belle took it the wrong way. Saying she wasn’t ready for a title shot wasn’t meant to knock her down. They all agreed that Belle has bad influences with her now.

Marti Belle vs Tasha Steelz

Melina was ringside to advise Marti Belle. Belle controlled much of the bout until she missed a running attack to the corner. Tasha Steelz fought back with uppercuts, kicks, and a swinging neckbreaker. Belle kicked out. Belle swung heavy in the center of the ring, but Steelz ducked then hit a cutter to win.

Melina was furious. Belle’s one job was to beat Steelz. Hasn’t Belle learned anything from Thunder Rosa?

Kyle Davis accompanied Anastasia Fletcher to pick next week’s TV title tournament match: Zicky Dice vs Caleb Konley.

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: Tim Storm vs Nick Aldis Royce Issacs

Nick Aldis came in with his full entourage. Aldis entered the tournament for fun, and now Tim Storm has taken all the fun out of it. Aldis introduced his crew as Strictly Business. He made the executive decision to pull out so not to risk injury as Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Tim Storm was livid. Up to this point, Aldis has backed up his talk, but now Aldis has shown the world what he really is, a coward and a liar. Aldis stepped up to the ring then backed off. The new year is to leave the past behind. Storm is the past and Aldis is leaving him behind. Aldis volunteered Royce Isaacs for the match. Isaacs was taken by surprise with that decision.

Ding, ding, ding. 6:05 time limit. Storm was a ball of fury with strikes, slams, and suplexes. Storm dominated until Thom Latimer hopped on the apron as a distraction. It was then Isaacs’ turn for strikes, slams, and suplexes. Isaacs missed a flying senton to cease his momentum. The two tussled a bit more. Storm elbowed his way out of a German suplex then hit a swinging slam to win.

After the match, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express approached Aldis from behind. Ricky Morton told Aldis to never turn his back on an opponent. RnR then hyped up the crowd as the show closed.

Tim Storm and Nick Aldis are perfect foes. They bring out the best in one another. Storm gets to fight as the hero, while Aldis gets to appear evil in contrast to Storm’s nature. By themselves, each man is good at what they do. Together, they are excellent.

The old-timers bring a nice touch to NWA, but get the heck out here with Ricky Morton stepping to Nick Aldis. I’ll admit that it is a match I want to see, although, the reason would be for Aldis to destroy Morton. Aside from one rally to get the crowd pumping, Aldis should be able to dismantle the senior citizen without breaking a sweat.

Girl Powerrr was horrible. It made me want to rip my eyes out. Watching women sitting around talking about feelings is not for me. I prefer LOUD NOISES in my promos. To clarify, the segment was horrible to me. The production and delivery of lines were fine.

As for my opinion on the discussion, Allysin Kay needs to look in the mirror. Usually, people that say they are just being blunt are using that as an excuse to be a jerk. In Kay’s case, I think that applies. When she delivered that line weeks ago, she was arrogant as can be. I can’t blame Marti Belle for feeling dissed.

Overall, episode 12 was enjoyable. All of the promos had a purpose and either dropped hints for future events or directly set up action. I like the complexity of its simplicity. There are always plenty of moving parts, but it all comes together quickly.

What was your favorite moment from episode 12 of NWA Powerrr? Are you enjoying the feud between Nick Aldis and Tim Storm or would you like the NWA to move on into a different direction? Do you want more Girl Powerrr segments?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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