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MLW Fusion: Final chapter of Warner vs. Havoc ends with barbed wire and blood

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MLW concluded old story arcs and began new ones with the start of the Dallas taping in episode 94 of Fusion. It featured a bloody barbed wire match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc, a lucha-tastic three-way tag bout, Low Ki putting in work, and promos galore to set the direction going forward.

On to a recap and review of the show...


AJ Kirsch started off with a hyped up introduction. Contra Unit came down to the ring to take over. Josef Samael did the speaking. Dallas is the land of false idols and will be where wrestling’s Camelot falls. The Hart Foundation is littered in tragedy. Contra started the latest chapter back in November with a fireball to Teddy Hart’s face. In Dallas, Contra will finalize the tragedy when their black flag waves high over Hart bodies. Enter Davey Boy Smith Jr. He walked down the entrance ramp. A fan jumped in the ring to ambush Contra from behind. That fan turned out to be Brian Pillman Jr. in disguise. They cleared the ring of Contra.

Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver vs Taurus & Low Rider vs Drago & Puma King

Injustice had a backstage confrontation with Konnan. Konnan was speaking with Alicia Atout. He is going to bring the future wave of AAA luchadores to MLW in their partnership. In came Injustice to exchange insults with Konnan. Myron Reed wanted to know who Konnan has to compete for the Middleweight Championship. Konnan’s answer was Drago.

The tag team three-way was blazing action the entire time. The top move came from Taurus and Low Rider. They teamworked Jordan Oliver as he sat atop Taurus shoulders then was destroyed as Low Rider flew in for a huge backstabber. In the end, the ring was cleared, and Drago set up Low Rider in the Dragon’s Lair pinning predicament to win.

Contra challenge for Dave Boy

Josef Samael was impressed with the Hart Foundation’s cleverness. He didn’t think they had it in them. When Samael looked into Davey Boy’s eyes, he saw fear. Samael proposed a challenge against Simon Gotch in a no holds barred bout. The winner will be declared by knockout or submission.

Chandler Hopkins vs Low Ki

Commentary mentioned Low Ki as king of the knockouts and that King Mo wanted to find out who was the real king. This was no easy contest for Low Ki. In fact, he was in trouble after Chandler Hopkins chained together a headscissors driver, a rolling flatliner, and a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. Hopkins went high risk and missed a moonsault. Low Ki attacked with a running dropkick in the corner then won with a fancy choke submission that loosely resembled a Peruvian Necktie.

Davey Boy’s answer

Davey Boy Smith Jr. won’t forget the fire thrown in Teddy Hart’s eyes. He accepted Contra’s challenge. Simon Gotch will have two choices, get knocked out or get tapped out.

New member for Team Filthy Dojo

Tom Lawlor was wearing a light-up cowboy hat. He introduced Dominic Garrini as part of Team Filthy. Garrini is here to collect wins and checks. Lawlor transitioned into announcing Team Filthy’s new sponsor, Condom Depot.

MJF is elite

Grogan! Grogan was back on camera for the Dynasty. He stood behind MJF breathing loudly. MJF addressed his match against Marshall Von Erich. MJF will prove that Marshall is less than elite. MJF then insulted inbred hick Mance Warner. He hopes Warner watches his match next week to learn how to be a real professional wrestler.

Jimmy Havoc will be Mancer’s blood

Alicia Atout asked Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly if they are scared about the barbed wire match. Nope. They live and breath violence. Havoc likes pain and causing pain to someone else. Inside the barbed wire, they’ll be in his world. Havoc is going to drink Warner’s blood and enjoy it.

The Iron Claw

The Von Erich brothers have been asked why the Iron Claw is so successful. They’ve been blessed with grip strength. Marshall and Ross both crushed an apple in their hands as a demonstration of what will happen to MJF’s head.

No ropes, barbed wire match: Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner

No ropes, barbed wire match means barbed wire was wrapped around the ring in place of ropes. Priscilla Kelly joined Jimmy Havoc ringside. She grinned at all the violence and would provide an assortment of weapons to Havoc throughout the bout. Havoc entered with a barbed wire baseball bat. Mance Warner entered with a chair.

Havoc was the first to experience pain as Warner sent him into the barbed wire with an Irish whip. Warner then leaned on Havoc to push him into the barbs. Havoc returned the favor with a suplex into the barb wire. Warner was the first to bleed when Havoc shredded Warner’s head with the barbs and wrapped some around his face.

As if barbed wire wasn’t enough, Kelly tossed in a stapler for Havoc to use. And use he did by stapling Warner’s balls.

More violence ensued with a chokeslam/spinebuster from Warner to Havoc on top of open chairs. Havoc retaliated with a Death Valley Driver through wood in the corner. Warner proper chokeslammed Havoc through wood again.

For the finish, Kelly filled Havoc’s hands with white powder. Havoc mule kicked Warner in the balls, but Warner pushed Havoc’s hands to send the powder into Havoc’s face. Warner threw a chair at Havoc then executed him with a piledriver on top of a chair and broken wood to win.

Woo wee, what a finish to the feud between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc. The no ropes, barbed wire match was a fitting conclusion. (Side note: It would be a neat playlist to watch all their wild matches in a row. If only I knew how to technologize such things. MLW could probably put out a two hour special on this feud alone.) MLW once again did well by not crossing the line over into trash wrestling in these types of matches. It was violent but not disgusting. Warner and Havoc tore each other up for our viewing satisfaction. Thanks! If I ever see Warner in person, I’ll buy him a beer. As for Havoc, a glass of blood, I guess?

It was pleasing to see Ole Mancer come out on top. Onward and upward for Warner. It looks like MJF will be his next feud. Of all the talent to send MJF packing to AEW, Warner would be the most fun.

The three-way tag team bout was enjoyable with so many creative maneuvers. Taurus is badass, but I’d say the standout was Low Rider. Part of that is I’m not familiar with his work. It had an essence of freshness. In hindsight, Drago pinning Low Rider was the obvious plan. Drago’s future title shot against Myron Reed should be a dandy. I’m hoping Drago spits green mist at Jordan Oliver.

As fun as the barbed wire match was, the star of the show was all the promos. It felt like the first two matches were just matches for the sake of having matches. All of the promos set up the story for what is to come from the rest of the action in Dallas. The verbal build between Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Contra was quick and effective. Same for MJF and Marshall Von Erich. Shout out to Alicia Atout for her facial reactions. They were amusing in a natural way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pop some light beers in honor of Ole Mancer and practice my grip strength by crushing apples a la the Von Erichs.

What was your favorite moment from episode 94 of MLW Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.