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AEW Fallout: Arn Anderson’s arrogant reaction, Chris Hansen’s message for Joey Janela, more!

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AEW released promos for the fallout from Dynamite (Jan. 29, 2020). Truth be told, Coach’s Corner with Arn Anderson is the only post-show video, but there are a few interesting pre-show promos that were released shortly before the show went live. Extra motivation was provided for the Inner Circle, the Rhodes Bros won 2019 Match of the Year from PWI, the entrance video for Yuka Sakazaki will either give you a bolt of energy or make you wear earmuffs to shield out the sound, and Chris Hansen had a message for “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

Let’s get started with Arn Anderson’s post-match breakdown in Coach’s Corner. Arn was pleased with Cody’s rage. MJF’s stipulation of a ten lash whipping for Cody will take place next week. Arn warned that that he wouldn’t want to be MJF with the rage that will fill inside Cody.

Great note about building Cody’s rage. It adds an extra element to the Revolution match on February 29 between Cody and MJF. Will Cody be able to harness his rage to his competitive benefit?

In that clip, Arn also addressed being ejected. He sounded pretty arrogant by saying, “Does he know how I am? I’m Arn Anderson. You don’t throw me out of anywhere.” Arn is right that the referee was a chump by not catching Penelope Ford’s interference, but Arn is a dumbass if he doesn’t know physical contact with a ref will result in an ejection. Arn should send flowers to the Bryce Remsburg for not disqualifying Cody over Arn’s hotheaded actions. It will be interesting to see how Arn’s role as coach evolves. Was this a one-time loss of composure or will Arn do more harm than good in the future?

Prior to the show, Cody and Dustin received an award for the 2019 Match of the Year from PWI for their bout at Double or Nothing.

The Inner Circle had extra motivation to beat up Private Party and Darby Allin on Dynamite. It turns out Private Party skipped out on their booze tab and stuck Jericho with a $12,000 bill. Allin tore up his room to the tune of $5,000 in damages. That bill also went to Jericho.

That puts the Inner Circle’s post-match beatdown in a different light. Good thing that clip wasn’t aired on Dynamite. It would have made them the good guys in that particular instance. Private Party and Allin most definitely deserved $17,000 worth of pain.

During Dynamite, the entrance video for Yuka Sakazaki was aired. My initial reaction was amazement. It had great energy, and Sakazaki was dressed as a genie. Cool. However, after hearing her theme song a few times now, I want to jab screwdrivers into my ear canals. Hit play at your own risk.

Sakazaki is scheduled to wrestle Britt Baker next week.

Alex Abrahantes had a few pre-show interviews on, “AEW Pre-Dynamite Live,” with Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford, Nyla Rose, and the Young Bucks. Despite it being old news, it is still worth watching for a laugh at how Abrahantes dodged Rose’s ire by throwing Tony Schiavone under the bus, or table if you will.

The interview with the Young Bucks shows exactly why I don’t like their characters. Nick Jackson’s ego and jealousy shines through. Matt Jackson is move believable about being happy for his friends to win the tag titles. I understand their stance about wanting the belts, but it comes across like they care more about the belts than their friends. They did the same thing in promos before challenging SCU a while back.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are being superbad by pranking Justin Roberts about the pronunciation of Sabian’s hometown.

Jack Evans pointed out that TH2’s half-skeleton gear was to honor La Parka. That’s a cool gesture from Evans and Angelico.

For fans of Orange Cassidy, foam hands will be on the market.

We’ll close with a gag Cameo message by Chris Hansen, from To Catch a Predator, toward Joey Janela. Hansen has questions about Janela chatting with little guys like Marko and Jungle Boy.

What’s your take on Arn Anderson’s reaction to being ejected? Are you giving the thumbs up or thumbs down to Yuka Sakazaki’s theme song?