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A great photo from the aftermath of Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

One big hook for tonight’s NXT was the match between once friends, now enemies Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox. It would be the first time they met in the ring since Kai brutally attacked Nox at WarGames last November.

The match wasn’t a long affair, but it was jam packed with action. They brawled through the crowd. Dakota tried to use a chair on a prone Tegan when Candice LeRae made the save. And in the end, when the ref was dealing with that, Tegan used the knee brace that this feud was centered on as a weapon and then delivered a Shiniest Wizard to win the match.

The way it tied up all the plot points and Tegan got her revenge, it feels like this feud is over for now.

And while Tegan and Candice were happy, there was someone who wasn’t happy about how it went down: General Manager William Regal.

Look at this excellent photo!

William Regal is clearly angry that Tegan cheated to win the match, even if it was righteously so. Part of me likes to think this is his karma for being the original villain his entire career. It’s like when parents have kids who do the same things they did when they were young and now have to discipline it.

Meanwhile, Tegan is full on IDGAF. Look at that wry smile. There’s zero remorse here, doing what she had to do to pick up the W against the woman who tormented her.

Who knows if Regal’s dislike for the way the match ended will lead to another round between Nox and Kai. Great if that’s the case. Their bout was very good tonight so there’d be no complaints out of me if they find a reason to run it again.

Or maybe it was just a fun moment backstage. If that’s the case, it’s worth it for that photo.

You can find the result from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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