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What’s this weird NXT teaser about?

Early on during NXT tonight, they aired a cryptic video.

That gif is pretty much the entire thing. Meaning it’s a complete mystery right now.

If you focus on the numbers, you could come up with a couple dates. 5/2/20 is a Saturday, which isn’t anything on NXT’s schedule right now. They could announce a TakeOver for that night, but being just a month after the Tampa TakeOver, probably not.

2/5/20 is just next week, so if it’s a debuting new talent, this will be the only video. This feels like something that will go longer.

And then there’s the other two blue circles with nothing in them. They have to symbolize something, right? Will they eventually reveal more clues in those later?

Honestly, I’ve got nothing.

But it’s always fun to speculate about these things. So do so below.


A new video was released removing the blue circles and arranging the numbers to read 2/5/20. This would be next week.

Some smart folks in the comments pointed out the three yellow circles is very similar to Velveteen Dream’s symbol. Dream back next week?

You can find the results of tonight’s NXT here.

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