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Jon Moxley wearing an eye patch is a mood

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An ode to an eye patch.

Can we talk about Jon Moxley’s eye patch? The number one contender to AEW’s World Championship, Moxley showed up to this week’s episode of Dynamite wearing an eye patch.

Oh, it wasn’t just any eye patch, this is very much a pro wrestling form of eye protection.

Just look at that beautiful piece of Snake Plissken cosplay.

Yup, that eye patch is everything we have ever wanted in our pro wrestling. It’s very over the top and it’s freaking delightful.

The one-eyed Mox would go on to cut a great promo while wearing his eye patch.

Then pro wrestling’s one eyed hero would try to fight all five members of The Inner Circle and five of their hired guns.

When you walk out of your house wearing that beautiful eye patch, fighting ten men at the same time is just another day that ends in ‘Y’ for you.

Jon Moxley wearing an eye patch is the main eventer AEW needs right now.

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