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AEW Rankings (Jan. 29, 2020): More wrestlers should insult Tony Schiavone

AEW released their latest rankings (Jan. 29, 2020). Let’s check out the movers and shakers.



No changes. PAC lost to Jon Moxley last week, but PAC’s position did not move. This week, Cody Rhodes wrestles Kip Sabian. That’s the only top 5 singles bout on the agenda.



Britt Baker leapfrogged Awesome Kong due to a win over Priscilla Kelly last week. The rest remains the same.

I’m not sure I agree with Baker jumping over Kong. Her win against Kelly was hard fought and didn’t make me believe she could stand strong against Kong. There must be something else at play. I’m going to recklessly theorize that the person who makes these rankings is not a fan of Tony Schiavone. The tongue lashing Baker gave Schiavone must have scored her brownie points. Perhaps more wrestlers should insult Schiavone to get ahead.

That begs the question of who is behind these rankings. Digging deeper to the seed of a conspiracy, could it be the Dark Order hacking into the rankings? If enough wrestlers begin belittling Schiavone every week, then he’ll be ripe for recruitment. It could be part of their master plan. The part that wasn’t revealed to the world already.

If Schiavone is out there reading this, he’s probably giving this reaction.

Tag Team:


Kenny Omega & Hangman Page were #1 last week, then they won the tag team titles. That puts them in the champ slot, while SCU slides into the rankings at #1. No other teams changed position, but they should change the photos for Nick Jackson and Fenix. They shouldn’t be smiling with 0-1 records. Give me sad Nick and sad Fenix. The Young Bucks can get back on the winning path with a match against Blade and Butcher tonight on Dynamite.

Do you agree with AEW’s rankings this week? If not, what would you change?

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