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AEW Dark recap & reactions (Jan. 28, 2020): Nyla Rose and Shanna get the tables

Episode 17 of AEW Dark from Miami, FL and the Jericho cruise in Nassau, Bahamas featured a tables match between Nyla Rose and Shanna, the Dark Order sending a message, and bonus baby oil.

Here’s the lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time:

  • Tables Match: Nyla Rose vs Shanna (solid)
  • QT Marshall vs Kip Sabian (okay)
  • Dark Order vs Sonny Kiss & Brandon Cutler (okay)
  • Bonus match: Kip Sabian vs Michael Nakazawa (okay)

This episode was another short one with all business and no filler. Rose vs Shanna was bowling shoe ugly, in the words of Jim Ross. I mention that as a positive. It was a brawl fitting for their feud. The ending had possible story progression. QT Marshall vs Kip Sabian was fine but nothing special to seek out. Dark Order vs Sonny Kiss & Brandon Cutler was basically a squash with a couple of cool moves. The bonus match between Kip Sabian and Michael Nakazawa was posted separately on YouTube. It was comedy with a surfboard, baby oil, and speedos in Penelope Ford’s mouth. All those moments were good for a giggle.

Watch the show here, and check out the bonus match here.

Tony Schiavone welcomed us from the Jericho cruise ship. The bouts were split from two weeks ago in Miami and last week aboard the cruise. Schiavone, Jim Ross, and Excalibur handled commentary for all matches.

Tables Match: Nyla Rose vs Shanna

The match was won when one went through a table. This bout was physical with a touch of style. Highlights were Shanna with a flying crossbody off the apron and a super hurricanrana by Shanna. Both competitors had trouble with the table legs when setting it up. There was a neat table sequence when Shanna attempted to pick up Rose in a fireman’s carry position. Shanna’s legs buckled under the weight. Rose picked Shanna up for table violence, but Shanna flipped the table over with her hands before Rose could unload. Astute ring acumen from Shanna.

For the finish, there was apron dueling. Rose was woozy on the outside. Shanna attempted a flying attack, but Rose goozled her for a chokeslam off the apron through the table to win.

After the match, Rose set up another table on the floor. She climbed the corner with bad intentions as Shanna was across Rose’s shoulders. Sadie Gibbs ran down for the save. Gibbs set Shanna free then clotheslined Rose out of the ring. Gibbs followed with a handspring flip over the ropes, but Rose moved. Rose picked Gibbs up for a powerbomb through the table.

QT Marshall vs Kip Sabian

QT Marshall brought an apple, while Kip Sabian brought Penelope Ford. She would play a distracting role whenever Marshall got momentum. Top move was Marshall catching a springboarding Sabian then hitting a power suplex.

For the finish, both men were on the apron. Sabian took a bite of an apple to taunt Marshall, so Marshall flipped Sabian into the ring. Marshall attempted a slingshot sunset flip, but Sabian grabbed the ropes to prevent full execution. Sabian, with ropes still in hand, sat down atop Marshall for the pin. Referee Aubrey Edwards missed the cheating and counted the 1, 2, 3 for Sabian.

Dark Order vs Sonny Kiss & Brandon Cutler

Dark Order was joined by Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and the creepers. It was basically a squash for Dark Order as they focused their attack on Sonny Kiss. Brandon Cutler never got in the ring. It appeared to be a message to Cutler of how the Dark Order can be successful.

Kiss had one awesome move before succumbing to the physical punishment. Kiss hit a sweet slingshot split leg drop.

The beginning of the end for Kiss was a torture rack into a vicious backbreaker by Stu Grayson.

Evil Uno picked up the winning pin on Kiss after the teamwork Fatality. That combination finisher is a Gory bomb with a flying cutter.

Bonus match: Kip Sabian vs Michael Nakazawa

This bout was posted separately on YouTube (here). Kip Sabian brought Penelope Ford, while Michael Nakazawa brought baby oil. This contest was full of silly hijinks. Baby oil was squirted by Nakazawa early. The fight carried up the stage to the Bash at the Beach set. Sabian slammed Nakazawa onto the decorations. Nakazawa returned the favor by dropkicking Sabian then placing a surfboard on his back to ride the waves. Later, Nakazawa took off his speedo undertrunks, and they somehow got shoved into Ford’s mouth. Sabian won via his Deathly Hallows facebuster finisher.

Nyla Rose and Shanna had the best match of the bunch. There was heat from the feud and drama with teases of table spots. The table itself would not cooperate, but that kind of added to the grittiness of their feud. I hope this isn’t the end between Rose and Shanna. They have good story chemistry. I know Shanna prevailing is probably not in the cards at this moment, but it would be a very sweet moment of a bully getting comeuppance.

It will be interesting to see if the Sadie Gibbs run-in was just a spot for Rose to put another person through a table or if it will be the next mini feud for the Native Beast on her quest to win the AEW Women’s Championship. If Rose’s gimmick becomes putting people through tables, then that’s a plus. It would be very entertaining but still draw boos for Rose.

Quick thoughts on the rest. Kip Sabian is doing well as a smarmy heel. He has enough talent to back it up. Penelope Ford is also an asset with timely assistance. More Sonny Kiss, please. Kiss is always electric but rarely gets a chance to shine. There are only so many wins to go around, so I guess Kiss will have to be patient for success. Three cheers for Bash at the Beach set destruction. That was missing from the Dynamite show. Nakazawa’s baby oil is weird. It is like a car crash. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I can’t look away. Go figure.

Last note. Remember that Dark Order scene a few weeks ago on Dynamite where they explained their recruiting plans? I had questioned if that was aired to everyone or only us as viewing fans. We now have an answer. During commentary for the bouts involving Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa, the announcers openly mentioned Dark Order’s plan to recruit those two and drive a wedge in the Elite. So, I guess I have to change my stance and call the Dark Order idiots for airing their strategy to the whole world. Cutler and Nakazawa would be real jerks to turn on their friends knowing that is the intended goal for the Dark Order.

Who stood out most for episode 17 of AEW Dark? Which match was your favorite?

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