The Most Valuable Royal Rumble Superstars - 2020 Updates!

Hello all, hope you've enjoyed last weekend's Rumble festivities. It was a fun event filled with surprises and pretty decent outcomes. I usually say that a good Rumble will set the tone not just for Mania season, but for the entire year. If Drew McIntyre is gonna be the top star, there's no problems by me. Charlotte is another case, but we can hold off on that for now.

Last year I put together a 4-part series featuring my calculations to find out who the most valuable Royal Rumble competitors of all-time were along with an updated version for 2019 Rumble. So I don't have to play catch up, everyone can check out Part 1 of the list to see how scoring is calculated. For those who want to take the dive, read part two of the series here, Part 3 here, and the Top 25 here to catch up on the entire series. And the 2019 updates are here!

This is an update of the list featuring Sunday's competitors and whether they have risen or dropped from their value ranking from last year. Because of the dominant Brock, expect a lot of negative points in this one with The Beast shooting his value up near the top 10. And away we go!

(Keep in mind, numbers do not reflect Greatest Royal Rumble even though WWE's official numbers count it)

335. The Miz - 2020 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 under 30 second elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -5.9

Value drops 12 spots. Wow, what a way to start off this list! Miz has already had a pretty terrible career Rumble wise out of the 12 appearances he's had. His quick elimination by the red hot Drew McIntyre was the third time that he's been out in under 30 seconds. There is only one man in Royal Rumble history who has worse value than The Miz and that's The Godfather. But he's a Hall of Famer, and Miz will surely be as well, but boy does he lack success when it comes to this big match.

328. Shelton Benjamin - 2020 Match Points: -0.9 (-1 under 2 minute elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -3.6

Value drops 19 spots. Granted we haven't seen much of Shelton since the 2019 Rumble where he kind of showed up out of nowhere without a storyline, but being a victim to his college buddy Lesnar drops him into top 10 worst of all-time territory. Same time next year?

314. MVP - 2020 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 under 30 second elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2.7

Value drops 85 spots. Well, his appearance was surprising, but the outcome wasn't. Good to see him back for a one-off either way. He was never really a memorable Rumble competitor anyway, sacrificing himself to eliminate The Miz in his last appearance 10 years ago. Not a major pop, but still a nice moment for him and his son as he posted on Instagram.

310. Erick Rowan - 2020 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 under 30 second elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2.2

Value drops 152 spots. I think there was a missed opportunity here to use the thing in the cage to try and scare Lesnar. Maybe it would've saved him a negative point and less of a steep drop on our list. But he was certainly a quick victim of Brock's.

291. Big E - 2020 Match Points: -0.9 (-1 under 2 minute elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2

Value drops 28 spots. Poor Big E. He's now in an illustrious group with the likes of Albert and Jack Swagger with 6 Rumble appearances and no eliminations to show for it. It's a testament to how poor he's been utilized as a singles competitor during his run. Hoping his 7th Rumble is the lucky one where he finally scores his first toss out.

T245. Luke Gallows, Matt Riddle, Robert Roode - Match Points: -1 (under 2 minute elimination)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1

These Rumble debuts are lumped together because even after 24 hours they have been completely forgettable, though they all escaped joining the prestigious 1 Rumble in under 30 seconds group. If you read rumors, Riddle apparently got into some confrontation with Lesnar at some point this weekend leaving me to wonder if they made a switch up to the Rumble where he would've been one of Brock's early eliminations. We'll never know. But not very successful debuts for any of these men.

T245. Cesaro - Match Points: -1.9 (-2 under 30 second elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1

Value drops 157 spots. Cesaro and Lesnar in an alternate universe would be a premier matchup, but for some reason Cesaro is destined for midcard obscurity with all of the talent he possesses. Another pawn that loses value to make Brock look good. That's pretty much the story here for the most part.

T178. Karl Anderson, Keith Lee, Ricochet - Match Points: -.05 (under 10 minute elimination)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.5

Another group of unspectacular Rumble debuts and if I could make a suggestion for the Dumbest Ass award, it would have to go to Keith Lee and Braun in this one for obvious reasons. Eliminate Brock and THEN fight amongst yourselves! It's too bad Ricochet doesn't get any points for an elimination assist for taking out Brock's jewels, but thems be the rules you guys.

T158. Dolph Ziggler - Match Points: .1 (entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.4

Value increases 21 spots. Dolph's been in 12 consecutive Rumbles now but most have been unspectacular. Including this one where he lasted a respectable yet uninspiring 12 minutes and 19 seconds. But the streak of appearances is certainly impressive and one only matched by another name you'll see later on this list.

T158. Kevin Owens, Aleister Black - Match Points: -0.4 (under 10 minute elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.4

Value drops 31 spots. Lumping both of them together as they participated in their second match and made less of an impact than they did in their first. There is still time for both, I'll boldly predict that one of these men will be a winner of this match some day.

T152. Baron Corbin - Match Points: .1 (-0.5 for under 10 minutes, 0.5 for elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.2

Value increases 4 spots. This is a typical thing that happens with Rumble competitors that keeps their score evened out. They eliminate someone, but then they don't last long enough in the match to make it count for something so the only increase they get is their .1 bonus for being a recurring entrant. I don't think anyone is complaining that we didn't see a longer run from the King in this match and especially one featuring another run-in with Roman.

T114. Elias - Match Points: -0.9 (-1 for under 2 minute elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 0.2

Value drops 32 spots. It seems like Elias is forever destined to come out either #1 or #2 and tease playing half of a song before lasting barely enough time to be remembered. We've officially hit irrelevant territory for him and any hopes of him winning a midcard title any time soon are probably diminished by this point. He makes for an entertaining entrant though!

T88. John Morrison - Match Points: -1.9 (-2 for under 30 second elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 0.6

Value drops 34 spots. Welcome back, Johnny everything. Remember when you were the originator of doing cool stunts in the Rumble? Yeah well, you just got fed to Brock. Enjoy the midcard and 8-way tag matches at Wrestlemania because that's probably where you're headed. Though it would be interesting if they'd ever address any history between him and Ricochet if they ever fought... hmm...

T73. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles - Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for under 10 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.1

Value drops 5 spots. Another two you can lump together, one due to circumstance and the other due to playing late entry duty. Both men were very impressive in the Rumble debuts in their respective years, but this year was more about getting over their storylines rather than getting their Rumble value up. Unfortunately we aren't sure what's going to happen to Styles and any future plans there were for a feud with Edge, but Joe will probably spend the next 4 months fighting a mixture of Seth Rollins and his goons.

T64. Kofi Kingston - Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for under 10 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.6

Value drops 4 spots. I got really excited when Kofi's music hit to go face to face with Brock. I knew in the back of my mind that nothing good would come of it, but at least there is some minor closure when it comes to that story. However, it doesn't help that Kofi's 12th consecutive appearance didn't end as well as his 2019 went and we didn't even get an annual Kofi save. Maybe its time to move on from that. The torch has been passed to Naomi and she's done a fantastic job in that role. But Kofi... I really loved his title run and I hope they realize that he does belong in the scene again.

40. Shinsuke Nakamura - Match Points: -1.9 (-2 for under 30 seconds, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 3.7

Value drops 10 spots. The quick toss out now makes Shinsuke the third least valuable Rumble winner of all-time narrowly beating Alberto Del Rio and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I mean, that sounds about right. Does he deserve it? No, he's better than that. But all he's done since winning the match is kick AJ Styles in the balls a bunch of times and hold onto midcard titles with little to no direction or stand out feuds.

26. Braun Strowman - Match Points: -0.9 (-1 for under 2 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 7.3

Value drops 6 spots. Remember this doesn't include his Greatest Royal Rumble win so if we counted that, we'd be talking about a top 10 competitor right here. But now Braun has fallen out of the Top 20 and ever so slowly heading closer and closer to Big Show territory where there's just no reason to care anymore. At least he hasn't changed face/heel affiliations on a weekly basis.

24. Drew McIntyre - Match Points: 6.6 (3 points for win, 3 for elimination, 0.5 for lasting over 25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 7.9

Value increases 56 spots. This is where I love to see how one win can elevate you on this list. Seth Rollins only increased 22 spots with his win last year, but Drew had a much bigger rise due to more eliminations. Coming into the match he had only scored 4 eliminations and has now more than doubled it adding 6 more to his total. Let's see where this win takes Drew because his involvement in the match was certainly interesting and the elimination of Lesnar was absolutely a star making moment. If this leads to a Mania title match or not there is no doubt that McIntyre will be a big time player in future Rumbles.

20. Seth Rollins - Match Points: 1.1 (1.5 for eliminations, -0.5 for lasting under 10 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 9.3

Value increases 1 spot. Rollins entered #30 a year after entering at #10 and winning it. It's pretty safe to say that giving Seth another Rumble win would've been a huge mistake at this point. Yet his direction for Wrestlemania season is unknown, but he's ever so closer to becoming Raw's more tolerable version of King Corbin where every week will feature some combination of either him or one of his messiah's facing KO, Joe or a Viking in whatever form. It's a bit of a 180 from last year where he was coming off an odd, but not undeserved Rumble win. While his 2018 was certainly a high point for the company's year, last year's run was a very low point. As mentioned above, the Rumble is supposed to set the tone for the entire year and unfortunately it did, just not in the way anyone would've wanted it to.

15. Rey Mysterio - Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for lasting under 10 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 11.4

Value drops 1 spot. Mysterio has usually fared pretty well in Rumbles, he's not an elimination machine but he always finds a way to survive in the match for long periods of time. This wasn't a typical Rumble for him, but it made sense for him to play the part he played. It was a good callback to last year's feud with Brock where Mysterio still had some revenge to seek out due to the events that transpired with Dominik. But again, altogether it wasn't a very typical Rumble and even if he would've entered later, he still would've dropped down a spot.

11. Edge - Match Points: 1.6 (1.5 for eliminations, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 14.1

No change in value. Wow. What can I say? From a personal level, I'm pretty surprised. I was lucky enough to have him as a guest on my podcast last week to talk about his Pearl Jam fandom and we never had the intention on asking him to address the rumors head on. But he did and to be totally honest it sounded like he was being truthful, but that's why these guys are workers. They are good at what they do and he is one of the best to ever do it. I'm really happy that he's back, especially after chatting with him for 2 hours because it felt like he was a totally down to Earth good dude. He did tell me that he forgot to put in his lottery drawing for Pearl Jam tickets this spring, but since the shows are mainly happening near Wrestlemania time, it all makes sense now. He came inches away from reaching the top 10 in value, but a certain beast had to go and spoil half a match to leap frog him...

10. Brock Lesnar - Match Points: 7.1 (6.5 for 13 eliminations, 0.5 for lasting over 25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 14.3

Value increases 15 spots. Well, we've never seen that before. I think being a Royal Rumble purist I really hated the fact that we didn't have progressive fill ups of the match as each entry came out, and for someone who loves these numbers I'm sad that a lot of good wrestlers had their value decrease so much because of Brock. But after watching this a second time and seeing 33 prior Rumbles, I'm perfectly okay with one being a little different than the others. Especially when the payoff was so big. Sure, this one match absolutely skyrocketed Lesnar's value, especially for this only being his 4th Rumble match. But that's part of the game. It is doubtful we ever see this type of showing again from anyone, but there are candidates that could easily knock Brock our of the top 10 somewhere down the line.

8. Randy Orton - Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elimination, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 18.5

No change in value. Orton pretty much is what he is at this point in his career and with 11 Rumbles under his belt, he's pretty steadily drawn a late entry number, scored one elimination and lasted for an average of 15 minutes in most of his appearances the past 8 years outside of his one win. What's interesting is that Orton has been somewhat of a compiler, he's entered at almost every number past 20 aside from 20-22 and 27. I wonder if that's a nice little goal for him over the next handful of years.

5. Roman Reigns - Match Points: 1.1 (1 for 2 eliminations, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 21

Value increases one spot. Roman has inched his way into the Top 5 by surpassing John Cena in only his 6th Rumble match, even if his performance wasn't as dominant as it has been in previous years. I think most of us were preparing for a Roman win to set up an obvious match with The Fiend and had that happened, assuming he would make one more elimination eliminating the final man, he would've surpassed The Undertaker and Triple H to make it into the Top 3. We are getting a second Roman Rumble win at some point in the next 3 years and I fully expect that by the end of that, he'll be gunning for Austin's top spot. But this is the argument that makes the Rumble MVP list so much fun. Roman being more valuable with 2 wins than Austin was with 3? It's very possible. They've both competed in six matches but Roman has done something that Austin has never done and that's lasted until the final 2 in each one except for 2016... where he finished in the final 3. He's eliminated 32 men where Austin has eliminated 36. At this stage Austin is easily the most valuable, but there is gonna be a day where the points will be there for Roman to take the throne and that conversation may confuse and bother some people.

That's it! There's the update for this year's Rumble MVP list. To check out the full spreadsheet of point totals, head here to see all the work I've done to make this happen. Last year I got some requests to do the Women's MVP list and since we're 3 Rumbles deep for them, I feel like there is enough data where we can make that happen and the totals would be enough to make sense. I'll have that article out later this week. As for the men? Same time next year. Happy to present this to you all and start the conversations about the best wrestling event known to man!

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