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Top moments from AAA’s season debut: Stronghearts arrive, Fenix crunched like accordion, more!

AAA is back to business. Their season debut of the Nacemos Para Luchar TV taping took place Saturday night (Jan. 25) from the Pepsi Center in Mexico City. Let’s check out the top moments and moves from that episode.

We’ll start with the quick results.

Psycho Clown, Pentagon, & Fenix defeated Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring (Rudos DQ via triple mask removal)

Pagano, Aerostar, & Drago defeated Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, & Monster Clown (DQ on Blue Demon for using a hammer)

Rey Escorpion, Texano, & Taurus defeated Murder Clown, Puma King, & Hijo del Vikingo (Taurus pinned Vikingo)

Poder del Norte defeated Octagon Jr., Myzteziz Jr., & Dragon Bane (Mocho Cota Jr. pinned Dragon Bane)

Taya, Mr. Iguana, & Mascarita Sagrada defeated Abismo Negro Jr., La Hiedra, & Demus (Mascarita pinned Demus)

Mixed Tag Championship: Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. retained in a four-way against Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa, Lady Shani & Dinastia, and Keyra & Arez (Maravilla rolled up Dinastia)

The big moment was Rush’s new Ingobernables faction for AAA competing for the first time together. The squad was Rush, LA Park, and Bestia del Ring. Killer Kross was in the group, but he may not be appearing again if he signs a deal with one of the major US promotions.

The threesome showed up early to put the boots to Mascarita. Their main event match against Psycho Clown, Fenix, and Pentagon may have given hints for future headliners at AAA’s upcoming marquee events. For the potential next tag title defense, the Lucha Bros called out Rush. On the singles tip, Rush ended the night holding Psycho Clown’s mask.

It would not surprise me if Rush and Psycho Clown compete in hair vs mask at Triplemania XXVIII in August. In the meantime, Los Ingobernables could get an opportunity for the Lucha Bros’ tag gold at Rey de Reyes in March.

The big news is the AAA arrival of the Stronghearts. CIMA, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman ran down to beat up Niño Hamburguesa. They interrupted Big Mami and Niño officially becoming friends again.

I don’t expect this to lead to a feud with Niño and Big Mami. AAA usually doesn’t book that way. I’d take it more as a way to make a splash and get heat for the Stronghearts.

If you were wondering about Lady Maravilla’s new look with a shaved head after losing hair vs hair to Big Mami at Guerra de Titanes, she wore a ski cap to wrestle.


It would later get pulled off in the match to see Maravilla’s fuzzy noggin.


It looks like AAA may be be chilling the feud between Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. for now. Blue Demon has been focused on tormenting Drago as of late. At the end of their trios match, Blue Demon curved with surprise mist to Drago then a hammer to the head.

Los Mercenarios beat up Hijo del Vikingo. It appears that Texano, Rey Escorpion, and Taurus have trios gold on their mind. Vikingo will have his Jinetes del Aire crew back together with Myzteziz Jr. and Octagon Jr. Myzteziz had been missing time competing on a reality show.

Keyra called out Taya for the Reina de Reinas Championship. No challenge was accepted, but Taya declared that now and forever will be, “La era de la Wera.”

Let’s hit the top 5 moves from the show.

5. Fenix super powerbombed through a table by LA Park

4. Triple topes with Fenix crunching like an accordion

3. Keyra with a Spanish Fly to the floor

2. Teamwork pop-up inverted hurricanrana from Keyra

1. Super Rosa driver from Taurus

Honorable mention goes to Taya and Hiedra shaking their hips and also Mascarita and Hiedra shaking their hips.

This episode of Nacemos Para Luchar will probably hit AAA’s YouTube channel in 4 to 6 weeks. Or, you can pay $5 monthly for on-demand access on AAA’s Twitch channel. For now, enjoy the 20-minute recap video.

What match would you prefer to headline Triplemania XXVIII? Who do you want to see the Stronghearts wrestle in trios action?

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