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AEW might have flushed Brandi Rhodes’ Nightmare Collective story

The latest video for Brandi Rhodes and the Nightmare Collective storyline has quite a puzzling twist.

The scene takes place in an Atlanta Behavior Care building. Brandi is sitting in a therapy session discussing the Nightmare Collective. At the end, she has a breakthrough with an ambiguous ending. It was released on Sunday and has not aired on television yet, if it will at all.

It begins with Brandi dressed in her Nightmare Collective costume. At the therapist’s suggestion, it may be an alternate personality created to cope with fear. Brandi realizes that she doesn’t need to be ‘this person’ anymore. All of a sudden, Brandi is in regular workout clothes and the therapist was actually a stuffed doll.


Well, consider me confused. I say that in a good cliffhanger way.

Two ideas come to mind for where this story with Brandi might be heading. It could be that the evil Brandi personality took over her body. It would be wild if she committed to the kayfabe in real life. Brandi has dabbled with that persona at Thanksgiving festivities.

The other thought is that maybe AEW is trying to flush the Nightmare Collective story in a dream revelation sort of way. A dream revelation is when something major happens in a story, that event is usually poorly received, then the character wakes up to reveal it was all a dream. Instead of a dream in this case, it could be explained by head trauma suffered from being on the receiving end of Cody’s suicide dive in the debut episode of Dynamite.

The doll may be a key cog in seeing how this story plays out. If Brandi starts carrying it around, then we’ll know something may be a brew with symbology. If the doll turns out to be nothing, then I would have preferred the ending to feature the Rhodes’ family dog, Colby Jack, as the therapist.

Cody Rhodes

Whatever direction this story takes, I appreciate AEW’s attempts at trying to think outside the sports entertainment box. Maybe it will be cool. Maybe it won’t. At least, they are trying.

How did you interpret Brandi Rhodes’ therapy session? What do you think will be the next step in the story?

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