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AAA Roundup: New year starts tonight, Blue Demon Jr. Disney pilot, more!

Blue Demon Jr’s Twitter

After taking a break for the holidays, AAA is back tonight. And so is the AAA Roundup. Let’s hit some news and go over a pair of Conquista Total episodes.

We’ll start with a bit of cool crossover news. A television pilot starring Blue Demon Jr. has been commissioned by Disney. Deadline reports that the superhero action-comedy Ultra Violet & Blue Demon has been given the green light to find a child lead to star across from the masked legend. The premise of the show is a 13-year-old girl taking over the superhero mantle from her uncle. If the right cast if found, then production will proceed. Congratulations to Blue Demon Jr.

AAA is kicking off 2020 with their first show of the year tonight (Sat., Jan. 25). It will be a standard TV taping from Mexico City. You can watch live in English and Spanish for free on Twitch. The new shows will be under the title Nacemos Para Luchar.

The advertised card is:

  • Psycho Clown, Pentagon, & Fenix vs Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring
  • Pagano, Aerostar, & Drago vs Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, & Monster Clown
  • Murder Clown, Puma King, & Hijo del Vikingo vs Rey Escorpion, Texano, & Taurus
  • Octagon Jr., Myzteziz Jr., & Aramis vs Poder del Norte
  • Taya, Mr. Iguana, & Mascarita Sagrada vs Abismo Negro Jr., La Hiedra, & Demus
  • Mixed Tag Championship: Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. (champs) vs Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa vs Lady Shani & Dinastia vs Keyra & Arez

AAA and TV Azteca rolled out the red carpet to celebrate on Friday night. The main news was that Rush, Bestia del Ring, and Dragon Lee will be steady participants for the TV tapings this year. That was pretty much assumed for Rush and Bestia, but having Dragon Lee is a nice surprise.

There were no shortage of luchadores looking to wrestle Rush. The Lucha Bros called Rush and his father out. Fenix and Pentagon will show them who is the best tag team in the universe. Psycho Clown was also interested in getting a piece of Rush.

The current AAA roster has over 50 luchadores ready for action. One luchador with an uncertain name is Mascarita. I believe he is the same person who was under the mask of El Torito in WWE. AAA asked the fans if they preferred Mascarita as Mascarita Sagrada or Mascarita Dorada. Sagrada won in a landslide.

One luchador that won’t have to worry about his name is Mr. Iguana. He filed the trademark for his persona.

Let’s catch up on a pair of Conquista Total episodes from Torreon, Coahuila. Keep in mind that this was before Guerra de Titanes, and that’s why Lady Maravilla still has hair even though she was shaved by Big Mami.

Conquista Total: Torreon, Part 1

Part 1 (here) featured:

Komander & Mr. Iguana defeated Parkita Negra & Mini Psycho Clown. The subplot was a battle of hand puppets; iguana versus big rat. Parkita Negra moonsaulted on top of Yesca, the iguana puppet.

The winning maneuver came from Mr. Iguana. He was up in the electric chair position then whirled around into a bulldog driver on Mini Psycho Clown.

Dark nights will return to AAA. Konnan was in the ring with Killer Kross and delivered that warning. Kross is the devil of lucha libre. Blue Demon Jr. was also there. With help from Villano III Jr., Blue Demon is going to end the filthy Wagner dynasty. Dr. Wagner Jr. cleaned house with one of his sons, but Blue Demon and Villano fought back to stand tall.

Poder del Norte defeated Octagon Jr., Flamita, & Hijo del Vikingo. Plenty of cool flippy stuff. Poder del Norte was more effective as a unit. They were victorious after a running train attack into the corner then a frog splash from Mocho Cota Jr. onto Octagon.

Tick tock. Konnan and Killer Kross were chatting backstage in private behind a curtain. A snooping cameraman filmed the conversation. Konnan has great ideas to terrorize AAA. Kross whispered that they were being filmed. The two threatened the perpetrator and stole his camera. Kross delivered his signature line. Tick tock.

Pagano, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, & Rey Escorpion. No disqualification. There were chairs, a broom, and cookie sheets involved. The big moment occurred when Pagano and Chessman brawled outside the venue. Pagan jumped off a ladder for a leg drop through a table.

For the finish, Psycho Clown took out Rey Escorpion with a leaping cannonball into a table. Wagner kicked Blue Demon in the balls for the winning pin.

Conquista Total: Torreon, Part 2

Part 2 (here) featured:

Golden Magic defeated Dragon Bane. This was an unedited bout from a different show in Tuxtla. It was entertaining but brief in under five minutes. Golden Magic won via super cool moonsault slam.

Laredo Boy, Bengala, & Big Mami defeated Ultimo Maldito, Keyra, & Lady Maravilla. Mami cut a promo prior to the bout. She’s fed up with Maravilla. Mami wants an answer about the hair vs hair challenge. Maravilla took the mic. Listen, fatty. Maravilla is not going to waste her time. Mami is not on her level. Mami speared Maravilla as a response.

This bout had plenty of nifty moves. Tops was Bengala with a Spanish Fly to Keyra down onto bodies below on the floor. For the finish, Maravilla hit Mami with a chair. Maravilla set the chair up in the corner. Mami reversed an Irish whip to send Maravilla into the steel. Mami won with a roll-up.

Backstage after the match, Niño Hamburguesa presented a pepperoni pizza to Mami to celebrate her win. Mami thanked him but declined. On second thought, she took a slice of pizza for herself and a second slice for a special friend. Niño was sad.

Dinastia, Lady Shani, & Niño Hamburguesa defeated Arez, La Hiedra, & Villano III Jr. Another solid match with rocking moves. In the end, Niño crushed Villano with a flying splash. Villano frantically kicked his legs, but he could not escape the pin.

Taurus, Monster Clown, & Killer Kross defeated Nicho El Millonario, Murder Clown, & Aerostar. This had the AAA main event style of rudos dominating until the tecnicos catch fire for a comeback. The finish came down to Monster and Aerostar. Of course, rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes shafted Aerostar with slow counts. Monster was victorious via over-the-back neck toss and a quick count from Tirantes.

That’s a wrap for the AAA Roundup. Which premier feuds would you like to see in AAA during 2020?

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