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NWA Powerrr: Ricky Morton vs Nick Aldis for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship

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NWA Powerrr returned with episode 15 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. The was the go-home show prior to Friday’s Hard Times PPV. It featured the full field being set for the TV title tournament, a karate seminar from Aron Stevens and ¿The Question Mark?, Melina throwing a curve ball to Allysin Kay, and Nick Aldis defending the Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Prior to the show, it was announced that Zane Dawson’s hand injury would prevent him from participating in the TV title tournament at Hard Times.

Robert Gibson came out to the podium to wish Ricky Morton well in his Worlds title shot against Nick Aldis in the main event. Morton is like a brother to Gibson, so he will be rooting him on. Go out there, and get it.

Tasha Steelz vs Thunder Rosa

A fierce battle with Thunder Rosa being better. She turned the tide with a dropkick to a leaping Steelz. Rosa then won via a badass scoop sitdown piledriver maneuver.

Dave Marquez asked Rosa about Melina’s plans tonight. Rosa told him to ask Melina. Melina is the only one who knows.

Nick Aldis issued a call to arms for NWA fans to attend ROH’s Free Enterprise as a way to get back at Marty Scurll invading NWA grounds.

Royce Isaacs came to the podium with Mae Valentine by his side. Business is booming for Strictly Business. Joe Galli pointed out Isaacs’ losing streak and insinuated that it began with the arrival of Valentine. Isaacs blurted out that losing was not because he hasn’t slept with Mae yet. Mae chimed in that there is nothing wrong with being pure and making your man wait. He’ll always be a winner to her.

A commercial played for Austin Idol’s getting heat hotline. I believe is was the same as last week.

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: Thom Latimer vs Trevor Murdoch

6:05 time limit. Thom Latimer bull rushed Trevor Murdoch to beat him from pillar to post. Latimer hit a big powerbomb. Murdoch kicked out on the pin. Latimer charged into the corner. Murdoch dodged then rolled up Latimer to win by holding the tights. Murdoch advances to the TV title tournament at Hard Times.

Melina and Allysin Kay were at the podium. Melina wanted to make sure there was no further miscommunication. Kay was impatient, so Melina told her to F-ing listen.

Melina knows Kay wants a fight with her family, so she’ll give her Thunder Rosa at Hard Times for Kay’s women’s title. But first, Kay has to defeat Marti Belle in a no disqualification bout. Kay warned Melina that she won’t be able to escape forever, then she kissed Melina on the nose.

No DQ: Allysin Kay vs Marti Belle

The former best friends brawled. On the floor, Belle grabbed a chair and tried a running knee to a seated Kay. Kay moved. Belle collided with the chair. The two brawled up the stairs. Back in the ring, Kay grabbed the chair to whack Belle. Belle pleaded for compassion. Kay had second thoughts then dropped the chair. Belle immediately reached for the chair, but Kay put her foot down on it. That led to Kay smashing Belle’s face on the chair via a powerbomb facebuster maneuver. Kay picked up the win.

A commercial played for self-hypnosis lessons by the Spiritual Advisor. 100 VHS tapes for only $9.99.

Pope and Eddie Kingston were at the podium. Pope puts people in positions to succeed. If Pope can help you, then Pope does. When asked about his endgame, Pope replied that he is searching for his Horsemen. When he gathers them, they will bring change to NWA. Kingston talked about the tag team loss last week. He won’t blame anyone, then blamed Pope without blaming him. Kingston felt Pope may have rushed them into action. Homicide wasn’t fully recovered from a shoulder injury. Kingston said they don’t lose, they learn. He won’t be taking Homicide’s spot in the Last Chance Gauntlet match for the TV title tournament. Homicide is his blood.

Mongrovian karataaaay seminar

Aron Stevens and ¿The Question Mark? held a Mongrovian karate seminar. For only $99 per week, you too can learn these secrets. ? demonstrated kata, self-defense, and planned to break a wooden board. Stevens stepped in with a desire to earn the 4th degree on his black belt.

As Stevens prepared, one of the masked students whacked him with the wood. That man turned out to be Ricky Starks. Starks never forgets.

Cue up a commercial for Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons.

Last Chance Gauntlet Match

An 8-man mini Royal Rumble took place to replace the injured Zane Dawson. Entrances were 2-minute intervals. Eliminations were by pinfall, submission, or over the top rope. During the match, Zicky Dice cut a promo about being undefeated in the NWA. He will be the future TV champ.

The order of entrance was CW Anderson, Caleb Konley, Jocephus, Colt Cabana, Dave Dawson, Aron Stevens (who hid under the ring), Sal Rinauro, and Ken Anderson. Ken and Cabana worked as a team. They helped each other as needed and cleaned house.

The final three were Stevens, Ken, and Cabana. ? created a distraction for Stevens to get back in the ring. He attacked both Ken and Cabana, but they moved out of the way. ? instead hit Stevens with a double Mongrovian throat strike by accident. Stevens was temporarily paralyzed. Ken and Cabana threw him out.

Cabana and Ken shook hands as the final two, then Ken pulled Cabana in for a sneaky roll-up to win. Ken advances to the TV title tournament at Hard Times.

The order of elimination is as follows:

1. Jocephus (immediately tossed by CW and Konley)
2. Dawson (via moonsault from Konley)
3. Rinauro (via Mic Check from Ken)
4. Konley (via Mic Check from Ken)
5. CW (via Superman pin from Cabana)
6. Stevens (tossed by Ken and Cabana)
7. Cabana (via roll-up from Ken)
Winner: Ken Anderson

After the match, Cabana was frustrated by his friend taking advantage, but they hugged it out. Ken then kicked Cabana in the gut and hit him with a Mic Check. Ken blasted Cabana with a second Mic Check into the ring post. Ken looked disturbed by his own actions.

Eli Drake and James Storm were at the podium. Drake thought Ricky Morton would catch lightning in a bottle and win the Ten Pounds of Gold from Nick Aldis. Storm stays he will work his way back up for another title shot, but tonight is about the legend Morton. Morton has shown that an underdog can always beat the big dog if has the will, the drive, and the heart.

Joe Galli updated the Hard Times card. Matt Cross and Dan Maff will fill the open spots in the TV title tournament. Maff is twisted steel with unforgiving malice. He is bringing the razor blades and lemon juice. Flip Gordon spoke about his bout against Nick Aldis. Gordon is not the same man when they wrestled two years ago. Marty Scurll took him under his wing. Now, Gordon is the mercenary.

Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis vs Ricky Morton

NWA owner Billy Corgan was on commentary. He announced that all seconds are banned from ringside. Corgan wanted a clean, pure match.

The bout lasted close to 10 minutes. Ricky Morton had momentum early, so Nick Aldis stalled to slow down the action. The contest was more on the simple side with punches and kicks. For the finish, Morton threw Aldis down from the top turnbuckle. Hurricanrana pin from Morton. Kick out by Aldis. Morton slapped on a figure-four leglock. Aldis reached the ropes to break the hold. Morton went for a roll-up, but Aldis reversed it to win. Aldis retained the Ten Pounds of Gold.

The show closed with a hacked message from Marty Scurll. He will see Aldis at Hard Times.

The main attraction was Nick Aldis against Ricky Morton. Considering the limitations of Morton’s veteran body, it was fine for what it was. I would have preferred a more dominant finish for Aldis, so it could put this singles feud to an end. It was fun for TV, but it is time to move on.

Aldis put out an interesting statement in regard to the matchup. Aldis personally courted the story as a dream match for himself. That’s cool.

Nick Aldis

Quick thoughts. The karate demonstration was goofy in a good way. I love how Stu Bennett sold the seriousness on commentary. Melina’s craftiness is a win for us all. It extends the chase by Allysin Kay and also gives us Thunder Rosa in a title bout. I don’t like the story swerve of Royce Isaacs not sealing the deal with Mae Valentine. I would have preferred going the opposite direction and him being too tired from all the loving. Thom Latimer was impressive with his physicality. Too bad he lost. I hope he rises high in the near future. Ken Anderson turning on Colt Cabana was a good story move. I didn’t care much about either of them. Now, I want to see retribution from Cabana.

We’ll close with another installment of the feud between Aldis and Marty Scurll. Aldis explains Nickledown (trickledown) economics. Aldis and Scurll are friends no longer in this turf war.

NWA’s PPV Hard Times airs Friday, January 24. It is available for purchase on Fite TV here. Check out the full card here.

What was your favorite moment from episode 15 of NWA Powerrr? Did the go-home effort work to sell Hard Times?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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