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Shayna Baszler is still picking up wins on NXT


A big moment during the women’s #1 contender’s battle royal was newcomer Shotzi Blackheart eliminating the former NXT champion Shayna Baszler.

It was the first big event for Shotzi, who had a chance tonight prove it was no fluke by facing the Submission Magician one on one.

Almost a bit surprisingly, Shayna Baszler picked up a submission win over the NXT rookie.

It’s not surprising to see Baszler win matches at all, but she’s also a favorite to win the Royal Rumble on Sunday. That win would mean her NXT career is in essence over. And usually when that’s the case, someone leaves the territory on their back. (Though acts like the Viking Raiders and Asuka are proof NXT doesn’t always play by that rule.)

The match itself was very entertaining and Shotzi showed a ton of fight hanging with one of the most dominant women in NXT history. It was clearly meant to highlight Blackheart and raise her status, even in a loss. And it did that. Not as much as a win though.

We’ll see what happens with Shayna on Sunday. If she doesn’t win the Rumble, she can always come back to NXT and put someone over on the way over to Raw or SmackDown. Otherwise, Shayna is leaving NXT the same way she spent most of her time here: Winning.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode of NXT here.

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