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An eyepatch-wearing Mox karaoked ‘Sweet Caroline’ on Jericho’s Cruise

Personally, the idea of getting on an ocean liner with thousands of wrestling fans never sounded that appealing to me. But this might be enough to get me to put my name on the waiting list for Chris Jericho’s just announced third Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea, 2021’s Triple Whammy.

See, it’s Jon Moxley... and he’s still selling the spike to the eye Le Champeon hit him with on the Jan. 15 Dynamite.

That’s an impressive commitment to kayfabe, but probably not enough to get me on the boat.

This though?

Mox, with his flesh-colored eyepatch, hitting the karaoke lounge to belt out some Neil Diamond?

Where do I sign?

But whether or not you ever catch my middle-aged ass on the Cruise of Jericho, I will need a podcast to dive into Jon’s history with this tune...

Where it began? I need to begin to be knowin’.

Badass main page photo from Pete Hurley’s Instagram.

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