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Chris Jericho says he could go back to WWE, but prefers AEW

Never say never in pro wrestling.

Chris Jericho has seen and done it all in the business of wrestling. From ECW to WCW to WWE to New Japan, and now AEW, Jericho has found success in every single promotion he has attached his name to.

Le Champion is very good at professional wrestling. When you have accomplished pretty much everything in your given field, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

In a new interview with The Aquarian, Jericho was asked why he made the jump to AEW and if the door was still open with WWE.

“I did all I could do in WWE. Now I like being part of a company that I’m bringing up from scratch. That appeals to me. I could go back to WWE tomorrow and I know exactly where I’d stand. I prefer being here. There’s no limits. It’s uncharted waters. We don’t even know what’s going to happen from day to day at AEW. Also I think the fans like an alternative. Wednesday nights on TV rock now.”

Imagine a world where Jericho does return to WWE one day.

The thrill of the start-up and building a pro wrestling promotion from the ground up is what still gets Y2J’s juices flowing. Just entrepreneurial spirit and champagne flowing through the veins of Jericho in 2020.

What does Chris Jericho really have left to prove in WWE? On a larger scale with over 25 years of experience, what does Jericho have left to prove in the business of pro wrestling?

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