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Impact’s top 5 debuts includes 3 ex-WWE stars

Impact Wrestling and TNA have had a revolving door for talent over the years. Many wrestlers have come and gone. To celebrate the biggest names that arrived, Impact posted the top 5 debuts in company history.

5. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s exuberant dancing is worth watching that clip.

4. Michael Elgin

Even though Big Mike is great in the ring, I’m not sure his initial debut belongs at #4. He’s not someone I recognize right away and get excited for in a surprise debut.

3. Christian Cage

Christian made his peeps pop. The teamwork table 3-D with the Dudleys was a nice touch, especially since it was on Jeff Jarrett.

2. Pentagon

That’s a shocker that Pentagon would become World Champion in his Impact debut. It is too bad Pentagon only had the belt for two days and never got a chance to carry the ball.

1. Kurt Angle

Forget the debut. This is an awesome moment in and of itself. Angle drawing blood off a headbutt is the kind of thing that would make me want to buy the PPV.

Do you agree with Impact’s list? How would you shuffle the order? Is there a big debut missing? Who would you like see become Impact’s next major debut?

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