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Darby Allin appreciates being in charge of his own destiny in AEW

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Darby Allin is quite the artistic individual. With all the talk about AEW allowing creative freedom, it makes sense that Allin and AEW are a great fit together.

Allin recently sat down with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho to share tales of breaking into the business, feelings about AEW, and breaking out beyond wrestling.

Allin was signed to AEW after being scouted by Cody Rhodes at a Northeast Wrestling show against Pentagon. WWE was interested, but they wanted him to train in the Performance Center for a year before debuting. AEW gave Allin the opportunity to showcase his skills right away.

Allin believes AEW is the right spot for him. The creative freedom has been a major asset in his development.

Allin: It’s almost too good to be true. It’s sick as sh*t. Being as a creative person my whole life as I was, you’re in charge of your own stuff. That’s like sick to do whatever you want.

Jericho: In charge of your own kind of creativity, right?

Allin: If I’m going to get over, I’m going to get over being myself instead of getting something shitty handed to me and fail type thing. So at least, I’m kind of in charge of my own destiny in a way. That’s what’s awesome about it.

Allin is interested in transcending wrestling to suit his other interests, such as filmmaking.

Allin: Everything I do, I want to transcend wrestling. I don’t want to be just known as the wrestler. I want to be known as the skater, the filmer, the whatever, the stuntman. I really like entrepreneurs.

Allin is in the process of making coffin-shaped skateboards and a clothing line under the Spinebuster name.

Allin told a story about how he glued toy cars to his head to make a joke out of his hair falling out from hair dye. Allin wanted it to look like a cul-de-sac. Jericho shared the photographic evidence of this story.

The funny part was that Allin had his first pro wrestling practice the next day. He couldn’t get the cars off his head and had to go to practice looking like that.

The interview also touches on Allin living in his car for a year and a half, how skateboarding relates to wrestling, sneaking into Mexico to work a show, and making his own entrance videos for AEW. For anyone that wants to learn more about Allin, this is a must-listen.

Do you enjoy Darby Allin’s displays of creativity? What do you think Allin’s character would have turned into in the WWE system?

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