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ROH awards: Matt Taven wins Wrestler of the Year and Match of the Year

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Let’s get rowdy for ROH’s 2019 awards. With the assistance of a fan vote, they named the wrestler of the year, match of the year, tag team of the year, faction of the year, best new star, holy sh*t moment, best finisher, favorite Future of Honor star, and best entrance.

Wrestler of the Year: Matt Taven

Matt Taven became a first-time ROH World Champion by winning a ladder match in Madison Square Garden. He held the title for 174 days. That belt made Taven ROH’s second Grand Slam champion, aside Christopher Daniels, for his career.

Taven released a statement thanking the fans.

Match of the Year: Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll in a ladder match at G1 Supercard

Jay Lethal entered the bout as World Champion, and Matt Taven exited with gold. Taven smashed Lethal off a super large purple ladder to clear his path for victory. This bout received mixed reviews live, but I really enjoyed the possibly edited version on ROH’s television program. The match is available for free viewing with Fite TV on episode 432 of ROH Wrestling.

Out of the handful of ROH contests I’ve seen, my favorite is a dream match of brother teams. The Briscoes and Rush & Dragon Lee tore the house down. You can watch it for free on ROH’s website.

Tag Team of the Year: The Briscoes

The Briscoe Brothers are still going strong. In 2019, They won the World Tag Team Championship for the 11th time in ROH and reigned for 146 days.

Faction of the Year: Villain Enterprises

Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King, and Flip Gordan make up the faction known as Villain Enterprises. In 2019, the group had the Tag Team Championship, the Six-Man Championship, won the Crockett Cup tournament, and currently have the World Championship in PCO’s possession.

Best New Star: Rush

Rush has taken ROH by storm. He won the World Championship within the first ten months of being signed. Rush is poised to make an even bigger splash in 2020 with the formation of a new Ingobernables squad.

Holy Sh*t Moment: Destro shocks PCO with car battery, PCO wins ROH World Title

At ROH’s year-ending Final Battle PPV, PCO became the face of ROH at the age of 51 by defeating Rush to take the ROH World Championship. PCO was down but not out after being shocked with electric juice. I’ll hand it over to ROH for the summary.

PCO’s creator, Destro, retrieved jumper cables from his hearse, which was parked near the stage, to revive his monster. The recharged PCO went on to defeat RUSH after putting him through a table with a moonsault. It was RUSH’s first loss by pinfall or submission in ROH.

Best Finisher: Bandido’s 21 plex

I’ll let ROH explain the maneuver.

After maneuvering his opponent into a vulnerable position (bent over with their arms clutching the middle rope), Bandido charges from across the ring, does a head-first flip onto his opponent’s back, then slingshots himself backward and German suplexes his opponent into a bridging pin in one fluid motion.

You can view a 21 plex fan-made compilation here.

Favorite Future of Honor Star: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a curmudgeonly fellow that has not lived up to his own lofty expectations as of yet, but the fans seem to enjoy him. His current storyline is a possible mentorship with PJ Black. That could turn Johnson’s fortunes around, if he accepts Black’s tutelage.

Best Entrance: Marty Scurll

I’ll let ROH handle this description.

As soon as the haunting, opening strains of the music hit and eerie flash images appear on the LED screen, the anticipation becomes palpable as it builds inside the arena for the arrival of “The Villain.”

Out of the darkness emerges a lone figure, armed with his trusty umbrella, his face concealed by a creepy bird mask. He strikes a pose on the stage, soaking in the adoration from the crowd as they greet him with his unique battle cry:

“Woop, woop!”

Marty Scurll, the CEO of Villain Enterprises has arrived, and business undoubtedly has picked up. There’s no one in ROH like Scurll, and no one makes an entrance like “The Villain.”

Do you agree with ROH’s award winners? If not, who would you switch in instead?

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