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Lucha libre world remembers La Parka

After the sad news of La Parka’s death last week, the lucha libre world celebrated his career. La Parka died on January 11 from long-term complications of a suicide dive mishap in October.

As with all mentions of La Parka, it must be clarified that this La Parka is not the same person as the WCW La Parka. The WCW version now goes by the name LA Park.

Some of these videos and comments will be in Spanish.

Lucha Azteca aired a tribute show on Friday. Here is the ‘thank you’ video to La Parka.

La Parka’s son, Karis La Momia Jr., penned a column for Record in honor of his father. One particular paragraph stood out.

La Parka was a free soul, a hippie, and amid the pain I feel, it reassures me to think that he is in a very special place, fully enjoying the freedom he defended during the 54 years of his life.

Dr. Wagner Jr. posted a photo montage of unforgettable moments with La Parka. Something about seeing the masked men at a fast food joint feels so natural in the center image.

Hijo del Fantasma also shared photo memories.

Psycho Clown was thankful to La Parka for showing him how to be a great person inside and outside the ring.

Pagano got a tattoo to honor La Parka.

Angelico will always remember the happiness La Parka brought to the fans. Angelico added a humorous wrestling clip.

We’ll close with a couple in English from Taya, Marty Martinez, and Killer Kross.

Rest well, La Parka.

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