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NWA Powerrr: Scott Steiner with a live mic

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NWA Powerrr returned with episode 14 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. The show featured Scott Steiner cutting a promo and doing work, the big clash between Team Aldis and Team Morton, Melina in the ring, and another NWA TV title tournament qualifying match.

If you’re only here to hear Scott Steiner, then I won’t keep you waiting. Enjoy the video package with his complete promo. It has a few bleeps, a reminder that Steiner hates fat asses, and mean words for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Check out the full episode as well.

A message from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson headed over to the podium with Dave Marquez. They always put the fans first as number one. They didn’t make the big money in the past, but they paved the way for today’s wrestlers to make millions. Morton still has to wake up early every day to earn money for bills and feeding his kids. (Morton is a fossil. How old is his youngest child?) They dodged the question about who will be on their team against Team Aldis. They wanted to keep the element of surprise.

TV title tournament bracket

The TV title tournament matches were revealed for the Hard Times PPV on Friday, January 24. Names for the open slots will be announced next episode. Those competitors come from outside the NWA.

Block A

  • Tim Storm vs Winner of Dave Dawson / Zane Dawson
  • Ricky Starks vs Open slot

Block B

  • Open slot vs Zicky Dice
  • ¿The Question Mark? vs Winner of Trevor Murdoch / Thom Latimer

Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks were at the podium. Dice has questions for what has Starks done to be in the NWA. Starks told a mama joke about sending her to flavor town. Starks took Aldis to the limit. Dice is nothing to Starks. Starks is coming to eat in the tournament, and Stroke Daddy is hungry. Dice said the only thing Starks will be stroking is Dice’s hair curls.

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: Dave Dawson vs Zane Dawson

6:05 time limit. Dave is the bald brother, and Zane has hair. These two collided like rams to start the action. The big move of the match was a flying shoulder tackle from Zane. For the finish, Dave smashed Zane’s already injured hand. The referee separated them in the corner. Zane reached over to pop Dave with a punch from his wrapped fist. Dave was knocked out cold. Zane picked up the win, but he was in agony from the hand pain. Zane’s health status for the tournament may be in question.


A promo package for Ken Anderson and Colt Cabana had separate interviews spliced together. Anderson kept asking who said he was bitter. Cabana has known Anderson for 20 years. He believes in them as a tag team. Cabana believes in himself as the one who can turn Anderson around.

Ashley Vox vs Melina

Melina wrestled solo without backup from Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle. She did her signature split entrance into the ring. Ashley Vox started with a running dropkick. Melina rebounded with a head smash to the mat. The action went back and forth. For the finish, Vox tried to lock in a hold, but Melina backed her into the corner with force. Vox was woozy. Melina won with her splits leg drop finisher.

After the match, Melina called out Allysin Kay. Melina and Thunder Rosa proved they are better than Kay’s team. The only thing left is the World Women’s Championship. Kay came out to answer. She tried to rush a match right there and then, but Melina held off until next week. Kay is ready for all three of Melina’s squad.

Nick Aldis invading ROH

Nick Aldis showed up uninvited at both of ROH’s show over the weekend. He attacked Flip Gordon in Atlanta on Saturday, January 11. On Sunday, January 12, Aldis brought Kamille and Thom Latimer with him. They took over the commentary table for a brief moment. Since Marty Scurll appeared at NWA’s Into the Fire PPV, Aldis claimed Scurll has unfinished business with Strictly Business. Aldis is going to expose Scurll as a fraud. Gordon and Brody King of Villain Enterprises came out to run off Aldis and his crew. Outside, Aldis issued a challenge to Gordon for one-on-one at NWA’s Hard Times PPV on Friday, January 24.

Pope as advisor

Pope was asked about managing Outlaw Inc. Pope said he maybe took an advisor role, but they didn’t need a manager. Pope worked a little magic to get them an opportunity. Pope had a message for Aron Stevens. If he wants to be good, then fine. If he wants to be great, then step in the ring with Eddie Kingston. Homicide said his injured shoulder is fine. The moment is here for Outlaw Inc. to prove they belong in the tag title picture.

Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs Aron Stevens & ¿The Question Mark?

Shooter Stevens tried shoot karate, but Kingston caught the kick and whooped him. Once the match settled down, Stevens focused on Homicide’s shoulder. At one point, Kingston was the illegal man and took it to Stevens. ¿The Question Mark? entered the ring to hit Kingston with the Mongrovian throat strike. Kingston went down like a sack of bricks. Meanwhile, Homicide attempted his Vertebreaker finisher, but his shoulder gave out. ? struck him in the throat as well. Stevens covered Homicide for the win.

After the match, Pope entered the ring. He looked down at Homicide, said something to Kingston, then left. The vibe felt like Pope thought Homicide is holding Kingston back from success.

A commercial played for Austin Idol promoting a wrestling psychology hotline to teach getting heat.

Scott Steiner on the mic

Strictly Business came over to the podium with Scott Steiner by their side. When Nick Aldis came to this country, he was warned about sharks and snakes backstage. And yet, Steiner went out of his way to help Aldis when they first met. Steiner knew Aldis would be a future champ. Steiner appreciates the call from Aldis for the chance to beat someone up. Steiner doesn’t like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and looks forward to beating their ass.

Ricky Morton came out to reveal his team: Robert Gibson, Eli Drake, and Tim Storm.

Team Aldis vs Team Morton

If Team Morton wins, then Ricky Morton will get a title shot at Nick Aldis next week. The match was rocking with big names and an electric atmosphere. The action was solid. Scott Steiner’s big moves were a belly-to-belly suplex and an overhead suplex. For the closing sequence, Robert Gibson got the hot tag. He put Royce Isaacs in a sleeper hold. The match broke down, and all six men fought. Eli Drake, as an illegal man, hit Isaacs with a drop down maneuver to the throat/neck. Gibson pinned Isaacs to win. Team Morton celebrated as Nick Aldis looked on in astonishment.

Ricky Morton will get a match against Nick Aldis for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the next episode of Powerrr.

Episode 14 of Powerrr was a delight. Even if it wasn’t, having Scott Steiner on the mic would elevate it to peak status. That’s how much I enjoy Big Poppa Pump. His promo wasn’t an all-timer, but it was good nostalgia hearkening back to his freak days. Add in a couple of heavy suplexes and I’m satisfied.

The story between Nick Aldis and Ricky Morton has my attention. We’ll see if they can hold it next week in their match. At least NWA bouts are quick. Even if the match stinks, it won’t take long.

Aldis is also hitting story gold by invading ROH to torment Marty Scurll. NWA is doing a good job of building to an epic moment when they finally step in the ring against one another. They do have to be careful not to take too long. Aldis has a match against Flip Gordon at NWA’s Hard Times PPV on January 24. The next PPV will probably be at the end of March. That could be an opportune time to pull the trigger on Aldis vs Scurll.

Allysin Kay is foolhardy. She claims she is ready for all three of Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle. I hope that’s what happens next week and all three beat the smugness out of her. I also suspect Kay was trying to snooker Melina into a bout right then, so she would have an unfair advantage. Melina had just completed a match. Kay would have been fresh. Good thing Melina has the savvy to wait until the right moment. If you can’t tell, I dislike the arrogant Kay and am rooting for Melina, even though she is arrogant as well. Melina is upfront and honest about her arrogance, so that’s probably why she is the more appealing option.

As for the rest, Pope trying to drive a wedge in Outlaw Inc. has me intrigued. I don’t see Eddie Kingston as a top guy in NWA, but what do I know. The Dawsons going ram on each other was vicious. It helped show that the TV title is a highly desired asset to attain. Aron Stevens and ¿The Question Mark? wrestled in a more serious manner this week. I don’t think NWA expected the initial level of their popularity, so now they need to shift the two into becoming credible champs. I love how Kingston sold the severity of ?’s Mongrovian throat strike. It makes ? a threat to win any match.

What was your favorite moment from episode 14 of NWA Powerrr? Did you enjoy Scott Steiner’s appearance? What do you want to see from the crossover between NWA and ROH?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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