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Kris Statlander has no regrets signing with AEW, would love to return to stuntwork

Kris Statlander has taken the AEW faithful by storm. She appeared out of nowhere, for those that don’t follow the indies, and has fans clamoring to put the women’s title on her after only a few short months. Statlander recently chatted with Alicia Atout to discuss her feelings when signing an AEW contract and her experience as a stunt woman.

Statlander was also being courted by WWE before signing with AEW. She wasn’t even sure she wanted a wrestling contract. In the end, Statlander has no regrets about her decision to sign with AEW.

The whole thing with WWE was interested in me also and stuff. There was a lot of stress with me, because I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know what was the right choice. And you would think that it’s like a dream come true for anybody to be offered a contract. For me, getting signed was never an actual legit goal of mine in wrestling. Am I going to be happy? Is this going to be something I want to do? I was very nervous. I was very stressed about it. I am thoroughly enjoying all my time that I’ve been with AEW and all the opportunities they’ve given me so far. And I have no regrets about it. So, all is well.

One of Statlander’s passions is stuntwork. She has experience as a stuntwoman. That career is on the back burner at the moment, but Statlander would love to get back into it. She still has aspirations to learn stunt driving. As far Statlander’s stunt experience, she has done quite a few wild things.

I’ve done, at least in training, high falls where you fall off a 50 foot scaffolding onto the air bags. I’ve been on fire a few times. I’ve gotten hit by cars. We’ve done armed and unarmed combat. I’ve done a lot of stupid things.

With Statlander’s experience, maybe the whole Nightmare Collective story would be better off as an out of the ring stunt bonanza as the alien destroys all of Brandi Rhodes’ goons. Once Statlander takes those stunt driving lessons, she can ride off into the sunset after picking up Orange Cassidy as a hitchhiker at the end.

Did Kris Statlander make the right choice by signing with AEW? How do you think she would have been used in WWE?

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