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Report: Marty Scurll signs with Ring of Honor

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While there was something of an expectation that Marty Scurll would join his friends in The Elite over in AEW once his Ring of Honor deal came up in December, multiple reports indicate that will not be the case.

Indeed, both PW Insider and the Wrestling Observer are reporting Scurll has signed a new contract with ROH. Neither side knows the length of the deal but both agreed it’s likely a multi-year agreement.

As for compensation, the Observer notes it’s “the most lucrative deal in company history.”

Beyond simply re-signing, Scurll will also have the ability to work with NWA — he’s currently involved in a program with the champion of that promotion, Nick Aldis — and he’s been promoted to the position of head booker, taking over for Hunter “Delirious” Johnson. Insider reports Johnson will still be working creative but he’ll do so in conjuction with Scurll.