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NWA Powerrr: Big Poppa Pump is Nick Aldis’ hookup

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NWA Powerrr returned with episode 13 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. The show featured Kamille slapping Tim Storm, another TV title tournament qualifying match, and the surprise appearance of Scott Steiner. Holla, if you hear him.


Tim Storm started off the show talking about how he would be proud to represent the NWA as TV Champion. 6 wrestlers will be moving on in the tournament and there will be 2 open spots. Those spots could be filled by absolutely anyone, on the roster or not. About last week’s shiftiness with Nick Aldis, Storm proclaimed that the fans deserve to see them go one-on-one.

Out came Kamille. She pushed Joe Galli and snatched his microphone. Storm bad-mouthed Aldis some more. Storm asked Kamille if Aldis was a coward. SLAP!

Kamille laid five fingers across his face. She laughed at old muscle neck as his blood pressure increased.

Trevor Murdoch was confident at his chances to beat anyone in the TV tournament. Anastasia Fletcher was back to pick more qualifying matchups:

  • Zane Dawson vs Dave Dawson
  • Thom Latimer vs Trevor Murdoch

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: Zicky Dice vs Caleb Konley

6:05 time limit. Caleb Konley took control after Zicky Dice showboated by gyrating his hips. Top move was Dice catching a springboarding Konley then executing a bridging suplex. In the end, Konley missed a springboard moonsault. Dice capitalized with a neckbreaker to win.

Danny Deal$$$ had another commercial for He wasn’t afraid of pro wrestlers. All the people he interrupted in the past came on screen to beat him up.

Quest for gold

Aron Stevens and ¿The Question Mark? hid a sit-down interview with Joe Galli. Sensei ? has taught Stevens about life. In Stevens’ benevolence, he has fed, clothed, and assisted his sensei in getting accustomed to life in America. Stevens used to think that fame was enough. With ?’s mental training, Stevens now realizes that the best need belts. That’s why they deserve all the gold in NWA. For the tag division, the teams are all thrown together. Stevens and ? have a student-teacher bond forged through combat. ? is a tenth degree black belt in Mongrovian karate and will soon become a tenth degree Television Champion. When the planets align, Stevens will go after the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Thunder Rosa vs ODB

This was a slugfest. ODB was the brick wall powerhouse. Thunder Rosa often lost the toe-to-toe exchanges, but she had no quit in her spirit. Rosa used her speed and agility to get the upper hand. Rosa prevailed after a backstabber then flying double stomp to win.

One of those patented NWA goofy commercials played for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express help hotline.

The champ speaks

Nick Aldis was interviewed by professional pest Joe Galli at the podium. Aldis touched on a lot of topics. Kamille is no longer his insurance policy. She is a full-fledged member of Strictly Business. Her slap of Tim Storm was her looking out for her teammates. Storm is a relic and inserted himself into Aldis’ business. That’s why Kamille punked him. Relic Ricky Morton is trying to con a payday off Aldis’ hard work. Aldis put over Wild Cards as the tag team to beat in the main event. About the TV title tournament, people think he can’t get the job done in 6 minutes. The bedroom is the only place Aldis doesn’t get the job done in 6 minutes. He goes all night long. Aldis will prove his status by beating high caliber athlete Ricky Starks in 6 minutes.

6:05 exhibition match: Nick Aldis vs Ricky Starks

These two competed at a high level. It was very competitive. Top move was a stalling vertical suplex by Aldis. For the finish, Aldis locked in the cloverleaf submission with 1 minute remaining. Ricky Starks withstood the pain. As time wound down, Starks was close to reaching the ropes. Time expired as Aldis still had the submission in place. The official decision was a time limit draw.

After the match, Ricky Morton came out to persuade Aldis for five more minutes against Starks. Aldis declined, so Morton asked for five minutes himself against Aldis. Aldis declined again. He is strictly business.

Eli Drake & James Storm vs Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson vs Wild Cards

Wild Cards never showed up. Ken Anderson was the weak man in the match and took shortcuts to get by, like pulling hair. Colt Cabana was not pleased with his methods. In the end, Anderson pulled James Storm off the apron to prevent a potential hot tag. Eli Drake ate a double boot from Cabana, then Cabana went for the Superman pin. The referee was out of position checking on Storm. The ref got back in the ring to count 1, 2, kick out by Drake. Anderson was upset and grabbed the referee. That resulted in a disqualification victory for Drake and Storm. Cabana argued with Anderson after the match.

The third man

Enter Strictly Business to the podium. Nick Aldis pulled Wild Cards from the previous bout, because he decided it was not in their best interest. Aldis wanted to address the dinosaur in the room and invited Rock ‘n’ Express to come out. He’s not sure how things have escalated with Ricky Morton, but it seems the only way to settle the matter is with physicality. Aldis issued a six-man challenge to Morton. If Team Morton wins, then Morton will get a shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Morton wasn’t scared. He has been in the ring with the best for 60 minutes. The reason he never became top champ was backstage politics. He never put up with that stuff and stood up for the boys and the fans. Morton accepted the challenge.

Aldis then clarified that neither he nor Morton will be in the six-man. If Morton’s team should win, Aldis wants Morton to be fresh so there are no excuses when Morton loses. Aldis’ team will be Wild Cards and a special independent contractor.

Holla, if you hear me!

Scott Steiner is the third man for Team Aldis.

Great episode of NWA Powerrr. NWA continues to do a fantastic job of weaving stories together in a way that is intriguing and keeps me curious to see what happens next week.

The wrestling action was very good in comparison to the average Powerrr episode. I’d say Nick Aldis versus Tim Storm in the debut was the best match in the history of Powerrr. Spots 2 and 3 come from this episode with Thunder Rosa vs ODB and Nick Aldis vs Ricky Starks. Rosa and ODB were beating the stuffing out of each other. I enjoyed the intensity. Aldis and Starks told the underdog surviving story. It was a success and kept Starks’ upward momentum rising.

The big story of the show was Nick Aldis’ challenge to Ricky Morton. I did not anticipate the appearance of Scott Steiner at all. He’s one of those legends that always gets a pop from me, so I was super excited. I hollered, because I heard him.

I’ve been on the fence for the senior circuit of NWA, but I like this direction. Steiner and Robert Gibson won’t have to work too hard in six-man action. They can get their moments and let the others do the heavy lifting. I’m hesitant for Aldis vs Morton, but it should be fun as long as it doesn’t main event the Hard Times PPV on January 24.

As for Gibson’s partners, I fully expect Ricky Starks to be one based on the way Morton campaigned for five more minutes. I’m drawing a blank for the third. I hope the third member is a cool surprise and not a fall back to a routine fan favorite, like Colt Cabana.

Last note. NWA is selling Girl Powerrr shirts with proceeds going to help cure neurofibromatosis.

What was your favorite moment from episode 13 of NWA Powerrr? Which storyline caught your attention most? Were you a fan of the Scott Steiner surprise?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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