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CM Punk: ‘Greedy’ Colt Cabana ‘tried to extort me’

After news broke that both Colt Cabana’ lawsuit against him and his counter-suit were dismissed at their request by the Court in Illinois, CM Punk offered more of his side of the story on Twitter.

It should be noted this wasn’t just Punk cutting loose unprompted. He was tagged in a retweet of the news by former wrestling manager (ECW’s Lou E. Dangerously and Sign Guy Dudley) & current marketing executive Lou D’Angeli, which drew a response from a Cabana fan. It’s that which Punk decided to respond to with his version of events, and to defend himself.

Should also be noted there was allegedly at least one tweet Punk deleted in the conversation. What we have here paints a pretty clear picture of his current perspective on the entire situation, though.

Neither Cabana nor his legal team have responded, and they probably won’t.

The end?

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