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Rush leaves CMLL to become a free agent in Mexico, brother Dragon Lee future endeavored

Fresh off winning the ROH World Championship at last night’s Ring of Honor PPV Death Before Dishonor, Rush made even more news by announcing he has become a free agent luchador in Mexico. He wasn’t the only family member with new employment status.

Rush shared the scoop on social media, alongside his father Bestia del Ring.

The following is my translation of their conversation:

La Bestia del Ring: “What did I tell you? The force and discipline are demonstrated here (with the championship). And like I said, this championship, where is it?”

Rush: “This is for you. I also have a surprise, father. Since today, you and I are independents.”

Bestia: “I will follow you wherever you go.”

Rush closed by plugging his YouTube channel and spitting catchphrases. As of now, no new videos have been posted yet on Rush’s channel.

To clarify, when Rush said he is an independent, he is referring to his work in Mexico. As for the USA, I assume he is still under contract with Ring of Honor. It would be extremely silly to strap him with the title belt if not.

Rush and Bestia del Ring leaving CMLL is huge news in and of itself, but the bombshells didn’t stop there. CMLL reacted by future endeavoring Rush’s brother, Dragon Lee.


The following is my translation of CMLL’s statement:

CMLL has forged the best stars of lucha libre during 86 years, characterized by its discipline and seriousness, for this reason it is announced at this moment Rush and Dragon Lee cease to be part of our roster for not coinciding with the commitment of the company.

To be honest, I understand the words in Spanish but not the nuance. I can’t tell if Dragon Lee was released or fired, so we’ll go with the WWE terminology of future endeavored. It’s all the same in the end though. I’m also unclear if any shade is being thrown in CMLL’s statement with that last part about commitment.

This decision by CMLL caught Dragon Lee by surprise.

Dragon Lee

Paging the translation machine with a few tweaks:

I feel completely surprised that such a serious company in which I have been loyal, dedicating all my life, my body and my attention... putting CMLL above many companies in the world and even ones they did not allow me to attend, out of CMLL’s ego, but I did it because I love wrestling and I want to grow.

I do not understand why CMLL announced my exit which I have not given and much less spoken with them. My father Bestia del Ring and my brother Rush announced their departure, but CMLL ran me out. I can’t believe it.

Welcome a new stage of my life. I am grateful to Mr. Francisco Alonso who was the one who always supported me, trusted me, and gave me many opportunities.

Apparently, Dragon Lee did not plan to follow the path of his brother and father out of CMLL, and CMLL decided to give him the boot anyway. Aside from Rush’s decision, it may have also had something to do with a rumor, mentioned by Luchablog, that Dragon Lee disobeyed CMLL’s request that he drop out of last week’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament in PWG. CMLL didn’t want their talent mixing with AAA talent. Dragon Lee has been pulled from CMLL shows since returning from Los Angeles.

Dragon Lee will land on his feet. He is a super awesome wrestler with a long list of accomplishments at 24 years of age: two-time King of Indies tournament winner, two-time CMLL World Lightweight Champion, current CMLL World Welterweight Champion, current Mucha Lucha Atlanta Heavyweight Champion, and former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on Mistico and his relationship with CMLL. Mistico is also a son of Bestia del Ring. That beast sure has produced talented offspring.

Now, it is time for the fun part. Let’s speculate on the future possibilities for Rush and Dragon Lee.

Wouldn’t it be wild if AAA swooped in and put together the much desired mask vs hair match between LA Park and Rush that CMLL could never pull off? That bout would be hot enough to main event next year’s Triplemania. I don’t think AAA would place Rush in that spot so quickly, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Money talks, and the fans would be there for it. Konnan is already throwing out an invitation if Rush is interested in new rivals in AAA.

Once Rush finishes with ROH, MLW could be a contender to get Park vs Rush. They were angling for it when Rush debuted for their company, but that story was derailed when CMLL nudged Rush toward their partner in ROH. Park vs Rush would be a heck of a score for MLW’s second PPV, whenever that may be in the future.

How about the biggest boys on the block, WWE? An Ingobernables stable in WWE seemed like a pipe dream, but now it could happen one day. If they need a mouthpiece, Charlotte Flair can be their queen. That would be a cool reality era twist. She is already chummy with Los Ingobernables due to dating Andrade. Andrade is a former member when he went by the name of La Sombra in CMLL. There is also Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) on the roster. He was the leader of a kind of Ingobernables adjacent faction in AAA called Los Mercenarios.

Let’s not forget about AEW. They seem to be the type of promotion that would let Rush and Dragon Lee thrive on the main scene instead of dive onto 205 Live.

The possibilities go on. Where would you like to see Rush and Dragon Lee in the long-term future? Where would they be most successful? What dream matches tickle you with excitement?

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