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Sermon on the Mat (Sept. 19, 2019): PWG, AIW, Freelance, ICW-NY, BLP, Shine, Beyond, Glory Pro, & PWX cards;

Progress results, and all the usual free match action

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Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2019 (Sept. 19-21)

—Night One (Sept. 19, 8PM Pacific)—

  1. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Jeff Cobb (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  2. Artemis Spencer vs. Jonathan Gresham (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  3. Black Taurus vs. Darby Allin (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  4. Dragon Lee vs. Rey Horus (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  5. Brody King vs. Caveman Ugg (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  6. A-Kid vs. Lucky Kid (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  7. Alex Zayne & Joey Janela vs. Blake Christian & Tony Deppen
  8. Bandido & Flamita vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix)

—Night Two (Sept. 20, 8PM Pacific)—

  1. Bandido vs. Puma King (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  2. David Starr vs. Orange Cassidy (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  3. Penta el Zero M vs. Tony Deppen (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  4. Aramis vs. Rey Fenix (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  5. Joey Janela vs. Mick Moretti (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  6. Jake Atlas vs. Jungle Boy (2019 Battle of Los Angeles First Round Match)
  7. Brody King & Jeff Cobb vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Jonathan Gresham)
  8. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. the Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) (c) (PWG World Tag Team Championship)

—Night Three (Sept. 21, 5PM Pacific)—

  1. Tomato Camper Memorial 10-Man Tag Team Match
  2. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)
  3. 2019 Battle of Los Angeles Quarterfinals, Semifinals, & Finals

Oh yes, folks, it’s a little late this year but it’s finally here-- the Battle of Los Angeles! And as the battle lines continue to harden, the field of talent available for BOLA continues to change and mutate in interesting ways, and there are very few places in wresting you could find this kind of mix of talent all in one place! The most exciting match here to me is the rematch between Starr and Cassidy of their EXCELLENT IWTV title match from last year, but, I mean... it’s BOLA, do I have to sell it that hard?!

Tickets are mostly sold out, but night one and two have some quantities remaining, or you can just go to the website and wait for the DVD preorders to go up, anyway.

AIW Bobblehead Night (Sept. 20, 7:30PM Eastern)

  1. 40 Acres (AJ Gray & Tre LaMar) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. Bitcoin Boiz (Eric Taylor & Mikey Montgomery) vs. the Production (Danhausen & Derek Director)
  2. Erick Stevens vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Wheeler YUTA vs. Zach Thomas
  3. Alex Shelley vs. Dominic Garrini
  4. Britt Baker vs. Mercedes Martinez
  5. Nick Gage vs. Wes Barkley (No Disqualification, Anything Goes Match)
  6. Mance Warner vs. Matthew Justice (c) (AIW Intense Championship)
  7. Philly-Marino Experience (Marino Tenaglia & Philly Collins) (c) vs. To Infinity and Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) (AIW Tag Team Championship)
  8. KTB vs. Tom Lawlor (c) (AIW Absolute Championship)
  9. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & Parker Pierce vs. D’Lo Brown & “Big” Twan Tucker

AIW are back in Cleveland, Ohio, and y’all are about to go Sky High because D’Lo Brown is coming in for this show! Plus Britt Baker says goodbye to AIW, Alex Shelley says hello, Nick Gage gets ultraviolent, and more excellent matchups!

Get your tickets here or check it out live on FITE, folks.

ICW-NY Kick in the Door 2 (Sept. 20, 8PM Eastern)

  1. Ghost Shadow vs. Grim Reefer vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Super Crazy
  2. Homicide vs. Matt Travis
  3. Dan Maff vs. Killer Kross
  4. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Reed “By God” Bentley (Southern Slaughter Deathmatch)
  5. Lowlife Louie Ramos vs. Markus Crane (4 Loko Deathmatch)
  6. Sami Callihan vs. Teddy Hart

ICW New York are coming at you from Ridgefield, New York and they’ve got a pleasant little slice of ultraviolent action on the docket for us all to kick off a big night of streaming on IWTV, folks.

Get your tickets here or check it out live from the service formerly known as Powerbomb!

Freelance I Want to Believe / Game of the Genders (Sept. 20-21)

—I Want to Believe (Sept. 20, 9PM Central)—

  1. Blair Onyx vs. Elayna Black vs. Jody Threat vs. Kara Noia vs. Laynie Luck vs. Missa Kate
  2. Arik Cannon, ???, & ??? vs. Take It Homewreckers (Bucky Collins, Darin Corbin, & Kenny Sutra)
  3. Carlos Romo vs. Project MONIX
  4. Isaias Velazquez vs. Jody Fleisch
  5. Jordynne Grace vs. Thunder Rosa
  6. Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs. Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) (c) (Freelance World Tag Team Championship)
  7. ”All Ego” Ethan Page (c) vs. Hornswoggle vs. Rickey Shane Page (Freelance World Championship)

—Game of the Genders (Sept. 21, 8PM Central)—

  1. Team Eye Candy (Eye Candy Elliott, ???, & ???) vs. Team MONIX (Project MONIX, ???, & ???)
  2. Elayna Black vs. Roy Gordon
  3. Blair Onyx vs. Storm Grayson
  4. Hyane vs. Tony Nas
  5. Four Star Heroes (Chris Castro & Matt Knicks) vs. Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)
  6. Bryce Benjamin vs. Thunder Rosa
  7. GPA vs. Sierra
  8. Isaias Velazquez vs. Shotzi Blackheart
  9. Craig Mitchell vs. Jordynne Grace

Freelance are bringing a huge double-header of Illinois indie action your way this weekend, folks! Two shows jam-packed with excitement, including a hellacious sweep of intergender matches that should make for some good friendly violent fun in the Freelance tradition. Only where’s Sally Stitches when you need her?

Get your tickets here or check ‘em out on IWTV, and note that I Want to Believe will air LIVE!

BLP Turbo Graps 16 (Sept. 21)

—Part 1 (12PM Central)—

  1. Erick Stevens vs. ??? (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  2. Allie Kat vs. Danny Adams (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  3. Carlos Romo vs. Wheeler YUTA (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  4. Jake Something vs. Nick Gage (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  5. ”All Ego” Ethan Page” vs. Jody Fleisch (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  6. Jake Parnell vs. Lucky Kid (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  7. Gary Jay vs. Matthew Justice (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  8. Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tom Lawlor (Turbo Graps 16 First Round Match)
  9. D’Lo Brown vs. Jordynne Grace

—Part 2 (3:30PM Central)—

  1. Hornswoggle vs. Marko Stunt
  2. Alex Zayne vs. Blake Christian
  3. AJ Gray (c) vs. Johnathan Wolf (BLP Midwest Championship)
  4. Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs. Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)
  5. Turbo Graps 16 Quarterfinals, Semifinals, & Finals

Black Label Pro are back with a new riff on their annual fall tournament, and now we’re playing with 16-bit power, folks! And just look at that field, everybody-- BOLA ain’t the only game in town, eh?

Get your tickets here or check it out live on IWTV!

Shine 61 (Sept. 21, 3PM Eastern)

  1. Notorious Nadi vs. Tina San Antonio
  2. Avery Taylor & Brittany Blake vs. Cutie Pie Club (Candy Cartwright & Double D’Rose)
  3. BTY (Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle) vs. Jenna & Lindsay Snow
  4. Kris Statlander vs. Natalia Markova
  5. Alex Gracia vs. Brandi Lauren
  6. Rainbow Bright (Gabby Gilbert & Luscious Latasha) (c) vs. Triple Aye (Aerial Monroe & Aja Perera) (Shine Tag Team Championship New York City Street Fight)
  7. Ivelisse vs. Mercedes Martinez
  8. Allysin Kay (c) vs. Shotzi Blackheart (Shine Championship)

Shine are back in Queens, New York for another Evolve doubleheader (and as always, more on those shows in my upcoming preview) and we got a street fight! Plus Las Sicarias explode and we’ve got champion vs. champion action as Nova champ Blackheart takes on the AK-47 for the biggest prize in Shine!

Get your tickets here or check it out live on Club WWN.

Beyond All Hands on Deck (Sept. 22, 3PM Eastern)

  1. Chris Dickinson vs. Kenn Doane
  2. Anthony Greene & the Platinum Hunnies (Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett) vs. Shark Boy & Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)
  3. Erick Stevens vs. KTB
  4. John Silver vs. Kimber Lee
  5. Alex Zayne vs. Christian Casanova
  6. Alex Reynolds vs. Kris Statlander
  7. Cajun Crawdad & Hermit Crab vs. Nick Gage & Thomas Santell
  8. Josh Briggs vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  9. Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs. Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry)

Beyond are in Westerly, Rhode Island and I mean, look, it’s a fine card but...

Bear Country.

Team Tremendous.

’Nuff said!

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits IWTV, folks.

Glory Pro Thunderstruck (Sept. 22, 5PM Central)

  1. Jody Fleisch vs. Myron Reed
  2. Brubaker & Chris Castro vs. No New Friends (Danny Adams & Mike Outlaw)
  3. Ethan Price vs. Tommy Vendetta
  4. Air Wolf vs. Jake Lander
  5. Stephen Wolf vs. Steven Manders
  6. AJ Gray vs. Joshua Bishop
  7. Allie Kat vs. Sierra
  8. D’Lo Brown vs. Jake Something
  9. Curt Stallion vs. Eddie Kingston (c) vs. PACO (Crown of Glory Championship)
  10. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Rock ‘n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

Glory Pro are back in Collinsville, Illinois and... dangit, did I already do the “‘nuff said” gimmick once this Sermon? Sigh. Fleisch vs. Reed. Brown vs. Something. Stallion vs. Kingston vs. PACO. Besties vs. Rock ‘n Rolls. C’mon, folks, it’s not hard. You want to watch this show.

Get your tickets here or check it out live on IWTV, if you will.

PWX 2 Close 4 Comfort (Sept. 22, 7PM Eastern)

  1. Avery Taylor vs. Madi Maxx vs. Savannah Evans
  2. Sir Rios Badu vs. Serpentico
  3. Corey Hollis vs. Josh Powers
  4. Effy vs. Joey Ryan
  5. Drew Adler & Tracer X vs. WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) (2/3 Falls Match)
  6. Cam Carter vs. Colby Corino vs. Fred Yehi vs. Saieve Al Sabah (c) (PWX iTV Championship)
  7. Ethan Case & John Skyler vs. the Revolt! (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) (c) (PWX World Tag Team Championship)
  8. Slim J (c) vs. TJ Boss (PWX World Heavyweight Championship)

PWX are back in Concord, North Carolina and hoo boy, we start with Effy vs. Joey Ryan and just look where we go from there! Four-way action for the iTV title, Case and Skyler get their shot, WorkHorsemen have a brutal 2/3 falls match lined up, and Slim J has to defend his title against a mountain of a man in TJ Boss!

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits the Highspots Wrestling Network, folks.

Free matches here!

BLANK & Still Life with Apricots and Pears vs. Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

From our friends over at Beyond we’ve got some top shelf tag team action. It’s the Gentleman’s Club vs. the Nouveau Aesthetic, don’t miss it!

Penelope Ford vs. the Whisper

From the fine folks over at Chikara, we’ve got some sprinty fresh intergender singles action. The Bad Girl takes on one of the Crucible’s finest, enjoy!

Bryce Benjamin vs. Project MONIX

From the good people over at Zelo Pro, we’ve got some singles action for y’all. Benjamin. MONIX. Check it out!


Progress Natural Progression Series 6 / Chapter 95: Still Chasing (Sept. 14-15)

—Natural Progression Series 6 (Sept. 14)—

  1. The OJMO over Veit Mueller (Natural Progression Series 6 First Round Match)
  2. Danny Duggan over Malik (Natural Progression Series 6 First Round Match)
  3. Scotty Davis over Gene Munny (Natural Progression Series 6 First Round Match)
  4. Cara Noir over Dan Moloney (Natural Progression Series 6 First Round Match)
  5. Danny Duggan over the OJMO (Natural Progression Series 6 Semifinals)
  6. Scotty Davis over Cara Noir (Natural Progression Series 6 Semifinals)
  7. Eddie Kingston & LAX (Angel Ortiz & Mike “Santana” Draztik) over CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) & Jordynne Grace (Street Fight)
  8. Scotty Davis over Danny Duggan (Natural Progression Series 6 Finals)

—Chapter 95: Still Chasing (Sept. 15)—

  1. Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis over Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) and Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) (c) to win the Progress World Tag Team Championship
  2. Pete Dunne over Cara Noir
  3. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) over Keith Lee & Matt Riddle
  4. Meiko Satomura over Jordynne Grace (c) to win the Progress Women’s World Championship
  5. Paul Robinson wins the Progress Proteus Championship (30-Person Rumble Match)
  6. Eddie Dennis over David Starr and WALTER (c) to win the Progress Unified World Championship

Big night for Progress, and an even bigger night for people not originally scheduled to be in matches! I have to imagine the only reason Meiko Satomura’s match stayed a single is because nobody had the guts to go and intervene on her, folks. But hey, Eddie Dennis, world champ, with his good pal Mark Andrews at his side once again, that’s a story. Plus, Vacant made an appearance in the Proteus decider, so start praying for that Vacant/Invisible Man dream match!

Check ‘em out on Demand Progress when they hit, folks.

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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