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Alberto signs another luchadora to Combate Americas MMA

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Add another professional wrestler to the list of crossovers into MMA. Melissa Cervantes, aka Kobra Moon in Lucha Underground, Serpentine in Women of Wrestling, and Thunder Rosa on the indies and elsewhere, has signed a multi-fight deal to cage fight with Combate Americas.

Squared Circle Sirens reported the rumor first, and it was confirmed by ESPN. Sources say Cervantes is expected to make her MMA debut on November 8 in San Antonio. Her primary skill is Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

If you are wondering how this came about, I think it would be safe to assume “El Patron” Alberto del Rio as the linchpin. Alberto is an executive with Combate Americas, and Cervantes has been wrestling as Thunder Rosa in Nacion Lucha Libre, the wrestling promotion headed by Alberto and Chavo Guerrero.

Looking ahead, a fight with Sexy Star could be in the cards. Sexy Star is a fellow Combate Americas fighter and Nacion Lucha Libre wrestler. Sexy Star won her MMA debut and a fight with Cervantes seems like the type of hyped undercard fight that would fit well on the upcoming event headlined by Alberto vs Tito Ortiz.

Alberto vs Ortiz has been confirmed but no date announced yet. Rumors say before the end of the year.

Are you interested in seeing Kobra Moon/Thunder Rosa in an MMA cage? Does a fight against Sexy Star excite you?