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CMLL Roundup: Phase 1 of Women’s Universal Championship tournament, tag team title match, more!

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on major moments from the past week. The Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament is underway with phase 1, tag team titles were on the line, and three title bouts were set for this week.

We’ll start with some happy news. Rush’s wife is pregnant.

Congratulations to the happy couple. Before we know it, a third generation Ingobernable will be gracing the CMLL ring.

Campeonato Universal de Amazonas, phase 1

Friday’s show featured phase 1 to determine the next Universal Champion of the Amazonas (starting at 46:00). Twenty women are competing for the honor.


Phase 1 and 2 will each have 10 luchadoras participating in a torneo cibernetico. The two winners will wrestle in phase 3 on August 16. The overall winner will earn a title match against Marcela for the CMLL World Women’s Championship and will also be the flag bearer for Team Mexico in the Grand Prix 2019.

I’ll stick the review here in case anyone is interested in watching without knowing the winner. It was a solid torneo cibernetico. All ten luchadores performed well with no sloppiness. There weren’t any mind-blowing moves, but Avispa Dorada and Sanely had some quality high-flying moments. If you are in the mood for something different, then give this match a try. The tournament format provides a boost in intrigue.

On to the results...

The list for phase 1 was Maligna, Avispa Dorada, La Guerrera, Sanely, Marcela, La Infernal, Seductora, La Metalica, Tiffany, and Amapola. Teams were decided by a battle royal. The first five tossed out became one team. Let’s get to the battle royal eliminations:

1. Avispa Dorada by Marcela
2. Tiffany by Metalica
3 & 4. Seductora and Maligna eliminated each other at the same time
5. Infernal by Amapola

That makes the teams Avispa Dorada, Tiffany, Seductora, Maligna, and Infernal against Marcela, Amapola, Metalica, Sanely, and Guerrera.

The torneo cibernetico portion began swiftly. Teams had a batting order, instead of tags, to determine who entered the ring next. The luchadoras went back and forth for a few minutes before the eliminations.

1. Infernal by Amapola via arm cross submission
2. Guerrera by Seductora via rolling hammerlock submission
3. Maligna by Sanely via dragon sleeper
4. Seductora by Marcela via straitjacket submission
5. Sanely by Tiffany via running senton

The teams broke down as the three remaining rudas attacked the two remaining tecnicas. The focus seemed to be on eliminating Marcela as the biggest threat to win. The match settled back down in terms of following the intended rules for teams.

6 & 7. Tiffany and Amapola via double elimination roll-up where both luchadoras’ shoulders were on the mat
8. Avispa Dorada by Marcela via sitdown front slam

That left teammates Marcela and Metalica to duel one-on-one to determine the winner of phase 1. Metalica kicked out after a flying double stomp. Marcela went high-risk again, but Metalica got her boots up this time. Metalica took advantage with a high-flying swanton to win.

9. Marcela by Metalica via swanton
Winner: Metalica

The participants for phase 2 on Friday, August 9 will be Dalys, Lluvia, Silueta, La Comandante, Mystique, Stephanie Vaquer, La Jarochita, Skadi, Reyna Isis, and La Magnifica.

Match of the Week: Gran Guerrero & Euphoria vs Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja for the CMLL World Tag Team Championship

The pick for ‘Match of the Week’ may not necessarily be the best bout, but it will be one I think has value and will be enjoyable if you only consume one CMLL contest from the week’s offerings.

Los Laguneros defended their World Tag Team Championship against the brothers Chavez on Tuesday, July 30 (starting at 1:44:00 of the show).


Champions Gran Guerrero and Euphoria entered wearing huge headdresses. Remember that tag matches are best-of-three and both members of a team must be defeated to win the fall.

Fall 1 was back and forth to start. The brothers Chavez picked up the pin on a super cool teamwork maneuver. Angel de Oro suplexed Euphoria, then Niebla Roja followed with a super double underhook slam to smash Guerrero’s body on top of a prone Euphoria.

Fall 2 began with the Chavez brothers cleaning the ring then faking flying attacks to the outside as they preened for the crowd and taunted their opponents. Los Laguneros quickly seized power to tie the score. They utilized fancy teamwork to pin Niebla. A two-man rollie pollie set up Euphoria on the top rope for a springboard splash. Guerrero finished the job on Angel with a sitdown package powerbomb.

Fall 3 featured flashier maneuvers. Highlights include a super double overhead press slam by Los Laguneros, Guerrero with a ramp-running leapfrog flying clothesline, a suicide dive by Angel, a super arm drag by Niebla, and a pair of flying attacks to the outside as Niebla connected on a tope con hilo while Angel lifted off for a moonsault.

For the finish, Los Laguneros proved they were the better team. The brothers Chavez were on the third step of their teamwork train of running attacks, but Los Laguneros caught their superkicks. The champs dragged the challengers into center of ring for an intertwining standing grapevine abdominal stretch submission. Los Laguneros’ title reign continues at 68 days and counting.

This match also had the photo of the week.


CMLL action in the ring

Let’s go over some storylines and other big matches from the week. The shows from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday can all be viewed on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

Monday from Puebla (July 29, 2019)

An NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship match was set up between Volador Jr. and Dragon Lee. In the trios main event of the show, Dragon Lee pinned Volador for the deciding fall after a jumping knee then a suplex powerbomb. Lee rubbed it in by doing push-ups. After the match, Rush insulted the fans then passed the mic to his brother. Lee was interrupted by ‘puto’ chants. Lee told Volador that his time was up. A title challenge was issued to champ Volador, if he has the balls to accept. Volador will give him the chance to demonstrate that Volador is still the man. That bout will main event the August 5 show.

A Mexican National Lightweight Championship match was set up between Electrico and Virus. In trios action, Virus earned the deciding fall by wrapping Electrico into a ball for a submission.


After the match, Virus grabbed a mic to challenge champ Electrico. Challenge accepted for August 5.

Metalica defeated Marcela in a lightning match. Cool highlights were a running cannonball by Marcela off the apron and a backpack neckbreaker over Metalica’s knee. I’ve never seen that neckbreaker variation before. It was pretty nifty. There was drama with kickouts from big maneuvers, such as a double underhook backbreaker, a flying double knee, and a Swanton. For the finish, Metalica got the win off a double underhook piledriver. There was no post-match mic work, but defeating the world women’s champ must surely set up a title shot soon.

Tuesday from Mexico City (July 30, 2019)

This main event from this show was already covered above as match of the week. There were no other stories. The card for August 6 is a fresh set of matchups.

Friday from Mexico City (Aug. 2, 2019)

The main event for Friday’s show was a rematch from last week between Los Dinamita and Volador Jr., Caristico, and Mistico. It started with a bang as Caristico and Mistico both leaped off the upper stage for flying crossbodies. Los Dinamita won in two falls for the sweep, although, Fall 2 was tainted. The tecnicos had momentum after two huge flying attacks by Caristico and Mistico to the outside. Inside the ring, Volador hit Forastero with a flying crossbody. The referee lost focus and turned his back. Forastero faked receiving a kick to the cojones and got the disqualification win. The tecnicos will have to wait for a different day to earn a trios title shot.

In semi-main trios action, Ciber and Ultimo Guerrero continued their feud. Ciber chokeslammed Guerrero for the decisive pin to win the match. Afterward, Ciber requested an opportunity for Guerrero’s World Heavyweight Championship. Guerrero replied that championships are made to be defended. Win or lose, next will be hair vs hair. Ciber was reluctant about the hair challenge. The heavyweight title bout will take place Friday, August 9.

Dragon Lee and Gran Guerrero had a pretty good lightning match (starting at 1:20:38). It was rocking from the get-go as Lee connected on a suicide dive within the first five seconds of the contest. Highlights include a chokeslam by Guerrero, a running Spanish Fly by Lee, a sitdown powerbomb by Lee, and a super fireman’s carry driver by Guerrero. Lee was victorious via vertical suplex powerbomb at 8:33 of the ten-minute time limit. This is definitely an enjoyable choice if you want a quick lucha libre fix.

This week will be jam-packed with high stakes. Three title matches and phase 2 of the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament will be quality programming from CMLL. I haven’t kept track, but it seems like there are more important matches than usual under the guidance of new president Sofia Alonso. If it is her doing, then thumbs up for her.

Do you predict any title changes this week? Who are you picking to win phase 2 of the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament?

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