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NXT preview (Aug. 7. 2019): Contract signing

NXT returns tonight (Aug. 7) with their final episode prior to TakeOver: Toronto this Saturday.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain
  • Tag title contract signing
  • Joaquin Wilde vs. Shane Thorne
  • Next Stop, Toronto

As per usual, here are our five questions about NXT tonight:

1) Will the contract signing promote most of TakeOver?

The big theme of TakeOver: Toronto is the Undisputed ERA trying to win all the gold. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see the participants in those matches involving Undisputed end up in this segment.

If Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish want to get an upper hand heading into Toronto, they’d have Adam Cole and Roderick Strong ready to attack. Then of course, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, and Velveteen Dream would run out to even the odds.

That’s normally a somewhat lazy way to end a go home show, but since ERA’s goals of championship dominance is so close, it’d make sense for the every to make sure the ERA doesn’t walk away from tonight with any added advantage.

Plus, it would drive home the point that there’s an overall theme to this TakeOver and not just five unique matches. It’d tie together the men’s title matches and tease the possibility fo faction dominance.

2) Is it hype video night?

NXT clearly has some good stuff lined up for tonight. Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain could be a TakeOver match. There’s a ton of charisma in that contract signing. But we’re also getting some hype packages.

NXT’s preview just tells us we should prepared to get hyped for the men’s and women’s title matches. Which surely means video packages.

WWE’s video team is fantastic so surely these will be very good videos, likely making the programs seem more exciting than the actual builds have. (Both programs have been decent but nothing that great.)

In an hour show, not every TakeOver match can get represented on the go home episode. As speculated above, it’s entirely possible that they are going to use the contract signing to represent the North American title match and the NXT title match. However, the women’s title program is likely only getting the hype video.

3) Is this just the beginning of Riddle & Dain’s feud?

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain’s feud isn’t making it onto the TakeOver card. But that is perfectly OK. They can’t fit them all and putting this match as the main event of this week’s NXT is a good move.

This feud began when Dain attacked Riddle and since then, it’s been video explanations/responses. So this may not be the only stop for these two. It’s possible we don’t even get a finish but a brawl that the referee cannot control, leading to a no contest.

It’d be hard to imagine a situation where Dain wins clean tonight and that’s that. While that may very well be the end of the feud, I don’t think that happens tonight.

4) Is Shane Thorne going to target all the Breakout Tournament wrestlers?

After the second semi-final match in the Breakout Tournament, former TM61/Mighty member Shane Thorne stormed out to commentary and lamented the fact that NXT is bothering with this tournament even though they have him.

Now he has a match with Joaquin Wilde, who was eliminated in the first round of that tournament.

Given Thorne took a shot at all eight men in the tournament, this match makes sense. And the former DJZ makes sense as well. He’s a babyface, which is needed given Thorne is working heel. (Dexter Lumis wouldn’t work in this situation.) And he can take a loss, something they may be less willing to do with someone like Isiah “Swerve” Scott, who’s already taken two televised losses on WWE TV. Thorne losing his first match with this character wouldn’t be completely shocking, but it’d certainly be surprising if they’re trying to give the Aussie a bit of a push.

After he’s done with Wilde, does he turn to other guys in the tournament? Do we see him face off with Bronson Reed or Angel Garza? The story of Shane targeting those getting opportunities before him would be a brand new idea, but it could definitely work.

5) Are Breezango resuming their comedy act?

This likely won’t be addressed on this show. Tyler Breeze and the returning Fandango aren’t advertised. But since the return last week, it’s something I’ve been wondering.

The dumb fashion police was an entertaining act on the main roster, but it doesn’t fit in NXT. For one, the black and gold doesn’t really have characters that cartoonish. Even someone like the Velveteen Dream has a serious side. Also, it isn’t much of a range for the performers. Dango and Breeze are talented guys. They should be allowed to flex that more.

I expect to see some of their trademark comedy. But I also expect those attitudes to be challenged so we see a serious side of the Fashion Police as well.

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