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Triplemania XXVII: Kenny Omega wants Fenix’s Megacampeonato, Aerostar’s high dive, two new champs, more!

AAA’s Triplemania XXVII is in the books. It was a heck of a time. All eight matches on the card were entertaining in their own way. The two prime bouts have already been covered; Blue Demon Jr. defeating Dr. Wagner Jr. in mask vs hair and Cain Velasquez performing awesomely in his lucha libre debut. Let’s go over the rest of the bouts.

Kenny Omega is coming for Fenix’s Megacampeonato

The match most were excited for was Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks traveling to Mexico City to wrestle Fenix, Pentagon, and Laredo Kid. It was a dandy with moves galore. Consensus in the live results comments says it was similar to their previous encounter at AEW’s Fyter Fest.

For the finish, Fenix and Pentagon used their teamwork flying stomp into package piledriver combo on one of the Young Bucks. Fenix and Laredo Kid attacked Omega and the other Jackson brother with suicide dives, while Pentagon made the winning pin.

The bigger story coming out of this bout is Kenny Omega declaring his desire to return to Mexico to fight Fenix for the Megacampeonato. Fenix accepted the challenge, but I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. Fenix won AAA’s top championship last year at Triplemania and has not defended it since. Maybe he’ll be more active this year. I’ve seen rumors that Fenix and Pentagon will join AAA more regularly once AEW’s television program starts full-time.

Queen Champ Tessa Blanchard

The women of AAA competed in a TLC match. It might as well been TLCCsSTt, since cookie sheets, a stapler, and thumb tacks were used. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Reina de Reinas Champion Keyra rolled out in a wheelchair to declare that she sustained a knee injury and had to give up the belt. The speech had a tinge of a face turn, which was cemented when Chik Tormenta walked up to push the wheelchair over.

That brought out Keyra’s replacement, Ayako Hamada. Hamada joined Tormenta, Taya, Tessa Blanchard, Lady Shani, La Hiedra, and Faby Apache to compete for the Reina de Reinas Championship.

The most vicious spots were Taya stapling her 8 x 10 photo to Tormenta’s head, Lady Shani DDTing Hiedra on thumb tacks, and Tessa pushing Tormenta off the top turnbuckle down to the floor. Tormenta was supposed to hit a ladder but completely missed the mark. She was stretchered out as a precaution. Word through the grapevine is that Tormenta will be okay.

For the finish, Taya and Tessa dueled on a ladder. Tessa gave a deep thumb to the eye to dispose of Taya and climb to victory.

Pagano wins Copa Triplemania, Konnan & Vampiro fight, LA Park returns to kick ass

The Copa Triplemania was determined via Royal Rumble with one-minute intervals. Eliminations were by pinfall, submission, or being throw over the top rope. High-flying over the rope didn’t count as an elimination.

Fifteen luchadores competed. The order of entrance was as follows:

1. Eclipse Vengador Jr.
2. Daga
3. Drago
4. Super Fly
5. Murder Clown
6. Aerostar
7. Monster Clown
8. Puma King
9. Konnan
10. Chessman
11. Vampiro
12. Pagano
13. Averno
14. Rey Escoprion
15. La Parka

Leave it to Aerostar to make a wild entrance. He was lowered on a metal structure above the ring then leaped off onto bodies below.

Even with so many luchadores ready to catch Aerostar, he still took a rough tumble onto the mat. Poor guy.

From the list of participants, you may notice Konnan and Vampiro. They provided the best moment of the night. Konnan came out first, because he wanted to make history after not being included into the Hall of Fame. Once Konnan appeared, I knew it was just a matter of time before Vampiro showed up. Their rivalry never got closure due to health issues.

The two super freaks went toe to toe with punches. Vampiro got the upper hand and tossed Konnan over the top rope.

If that was the end of their on-screen feud, I’ll give it a thumbs up. There’s not much Konnan and Vampiro could have done athletically. At least, we may now have closure.

As for the eliminations, I lost track of Eclipse Vengador Jr. I believe the rest of the order is as follows:

1. Super Fly by Puma King
2. Drago was dropkicked after Konnan threw beer in his face
3. Konnan by Vampiro
4. Aerostar by Monster Clown
5. Monster Clown by Pagano
6. Vampiro self-elimination after taking out Konnan
7. Monster Clown by Rey Escorpion
8. Averno via super hurricanrana by Puma King
9. Puma King by Chessman
10. La Parka via Chessman roll-up
11. Daga by Pagano
12. Rey Escorpion by Pagano
13. Chessman via super White Noise by Pagano
Winner: Pagano

After the match, the Jumbotron above the ring had ‘technical difficulties’ only to reveal LA Park and his two sons. They magically appeared and beat the stuffing out of Pagano. LA Park got on the mic to say he would teach Pagano respect and issued a mask vs hair challenge with extreme rules. This feud is a carry-over from Mexico’s indie scene.

I guess we can forget about LA Park vs Rush in hair vs hair. Shucks.

Revamped Jinetes del Aire win Trios gold

The original Jinetes del Aire lineup remixed a new partner in place of Laredo Kid. La Parka had decided that Laredo was destined for bigger things and chose to let him fly. Golden Magic was the replacement for Laredo. That meant the Trios Championships were vacant and up for grabs in the three-way against Poder del Norte and exoticos Maximo, Mamba, and Pimpinela Escarlata.

This match had tons of cool stuff on the surface, but I wasn’t feeling it. Something felt off. I think maybe too many spots seemed pre-planned and didn’t flow naturally. There was one crazy moment where Maximo was sitting on shoulders and got speared by Mocho Cota Jr. into a table.

In the end, Hijo del Vikingo won the bout off an inverted 450 splash.

The Jinetes del Aire begin another title run with their new lineup.

Lady Maravilla is a ball buster and a champion

Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami had to defend the Mixed Tag Championship against three other teams; Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla, Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux, and Australian Suicide & Vanilla Vargas. The main story going in was Maravilla manipulating Hamburguesa and how that affected Hamburguesa’s relationship with Mami.

It was a free-for-all with everyone breaking out flashy moves. Top highlights include Villano lifting hefty Hamburguesa for a Death Valley Driver, Guevara and Bordeaux using Dirty Dancing inspired teamwork, Bordeaux eating ass, and Australian Suicide doing a rope-walking backward 360 cannonball to the outside that ended up kneeing Maravilla.

Also, credit to Vanilla for expanding her high-flying arsenal. Her time spent with Australian Suicide has clearly been paying off.

The finish came down to Maravilla’s maneater story. She faked a knee injury to get Hamburguesa’s attention. Meanwhile, Mami was beating up Villano and flattened him with a flying splash. As Mami was pinning Villano, Maravilla lurched up to low-blow Hamburguesa from behind. Rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes decided to focus on Maravilla’s roll-up of Hamburguesa as new champs were crowned.

Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr. are your new Mixed Tag Championships. The title reign of Hamburguesa and Mami ends at 775 days.

After the match, Big Mami grabbed the mic to inform Lady Maravilla that their feud is now personal. Everyone saw how Maravilla cheated, and that’s not okay. Mami is coming for revenge. It sounded like a possible hair vs hair set up for the future.

Pre-show dynamite

Pre-show matches are always bangers in AAA. Young luchadores go out and bust butt with moves galore. In this go around, Dragon Bane, Arkangel Divino, and Astrolux wrestled Arez, Aramis, and Toxic. My favorite move of the match was a spinning double Torture Rack sitdown slam by Aramis.

Dragon Bane hit a 630 back splash to win.

Triplemania XXVII earned two thumbs up from me. It was action-packed and super exciting. Surprisingly, there were very few screwups in production or elsewhere that have become a staple of AAA programming.

My favorite match was the mask vs hair main event. I don’t know how well it holds up for viewers that only tune in for Triplemania. For me, it played perfectly into the intensity of their feud. I was rooting for Blue Demon Jr., so the finish was satisfying.

I’ll say Vampiro was the show-stealer. There is something electric when Vampiro’s f-ing music plays in AAA. The return of LA Park is a close second. As was said by Cagesider I Am The Night, “A suit and tie with a luchador mask looks so great together.” I echo that sentiment.

How would you rate Triplemania XXVII? Which was your favorite moment? How about favorite match? Who stole the show?

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