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Triplemania XXVII: Cain Velasquez is awesome at lucha libre

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez made his lucha libre debut at Triplemania XXVII. It was a mystery what to expect since Velasquez only had three months of training under his belt. Fear not. Velasquez performed great for what he was asked to do.

Velasquez wrestled while wearing a mask with bull horns, similar to the mask of Rush. He teamed with Cody Rhodes and Psycho Clown in trios action against Texano, Taurus, and surprise luchador Killer Kross.

Kross was the main rival for Velasquez, but it took some time until they squared off. Kross slapped Velasquez across the face prior to the bout. That receipt was cashed in later on. When Kross was tagged in to fight Velasquez, he teased an encounter then tagged out.

Velasquez’s first lucha libre action was against Taurus. Bull versus bull. Velasquez hit a hurricanrana and a rope-bouncing arm drag.

Velasquez also had a cleaning house moment.

All six luchadores had their moments. The top spot was a frog splash by Psycho Clown onto Kross through a table.

Credit to Cody Rhodes for fixing the table leg before Psycho took flight so nobody got hurt.

For the finish, Velasquez and Texano were alone in the ring. Velasquez utilized a kimura submission to win.

Shout out to Cagesider Mr.Ious for pointing out that the kimura was also used by Brock Lesnar in WWE during his feud for HHH. Could that be a low-key shot at Lesnar to set up a future feud in WWE one day down the line?

Velasquez looked strong for being a rookie in the ring. He had presence and controlled the scene. Sure, Velasquez was protected by being in a trios match, but he made the most of his moments when the spotlight was on him.

Where will Velasquez go from here? It has been reported that another trios bout has been set up between Velasquez, Psycho Clown, and Blue Demon Jr. against LA Park and his two sons. There was a confrontation backstage.

LA Park made a surprise appearance earlier in the evening to beat up Pagano, but that’s a different story.

Personally, I think a future mask vs hair feud against Killer Kross will be on the platter for either the Madison Square Garden or Los Angeles Forum shows. Kross had hair sprouting on his scalp. His head is usually clean shaven. Time will tell on that one.

How would you rate Cain Velasquez’s lucha libre debut? Do you think he has a future as a star? Or will he only be a featured attraction?

Get full results here for Triplemania XXVII.

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